Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is check list?why it is prepared?



wht is the use of check list?


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differnce between testing life cycle and bug life cycle?


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What is test procedure? how to define it?

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1> Which is the latest technology use for login page? 2> What is virtual keyboard? Is it more secure than key board?

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How to report Negative Test Cases? Do we need to insert any new column in the Test Case Document for Negative Test Cases seperately? I'm very much confused. Please answer this question!!!

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How do we decide scope for smoke and sanity testing?


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What is difference between system and functional testing?


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generally what r the questions asked about project ,it may be banking,health care.... etc, i want general questions? pls any one give answer?


What should be done after writing test cases?


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what is testing?

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difference b/w test case doc & use case doc?

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can we directly write test cases in test directory.


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what is the difference between sevierty and priority

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In an interview, what r the general questions asked in manual?pls give me anwser to this question?

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Hi, can any tell how a tester can be judged? i have to interview a tester, how should i judge whether he has a justified experience or not? how a person with 3 years of experience in manual testing can be judge?


can anyone help me in getting unix on manual testing i.e can u forward material & web sites to my mail id ( to understand how the work flow working on manual testing on unix and the contents.plzzzzzzzz help me its urgent.


what are the Cs in testing


integration test cases for mouse and keyboard


what is test case management?explain in brief.


What is Batch testing? Facets Benefit Configuration


Hi,friends i am going to write ICST certificate exam on augest.So can anybody post some of sample qusetions for ICST certificate exam.Really it will be useful for me


What is Online gaming, payment gateway development, hosting and custom software development services.


how will you test transfer funds module...explain in detail


where can i learn domain knowledge? how cab i gain domain knowledge? what types of Questions can be asked in domain(BFSI)? PLZ REPLY ME


I want to know about satyam manual testing questions


According to RBI rule how much money can be transferred through online banking at one time...?


what is quality Factor


What is Traditional testing & Object Oriented testing?


What will be the QA roles and responsibilities in Health care stream like BCBS,can someone please explain me any example project regarding health care services in web-based application?