Manual Testing Interview Questions
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suppose i show 2 yrs fake exp. how will i face th interview.

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what is domain testing. explain.

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What is Version Control?

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wht is change management and configuration management?

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what are the 508 rules of accessbility Testing ?

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Can u give me explanation about section 508 testcase and Testcase for this section. It need a details checklist for the same Manimozhi


which situation will decide the approach (topdown/bottom up) to choose from?

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r there any openings for 1+ experienced candidates in Manual Testing? If there r any, please let me know!!

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Tell me about ur favorite bug.


why u chose testing as ur career?

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hi this is sunitha yagnamurthy ...what r the certification in testing and hoe to apply that certificaation and what r the topics we will studying in testing...... please anybody explain that process

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Can some one help me writing a manual test case for email applications like yahoo i need for


What is Check list for review test cases ?

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i'm 2007 passed out.I'm very much interested in testing.i tried very hard to get a job.wat to do if i don't get a job in small company also?

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Which are different types of review ?

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What are differences between Testing in Uncontrolled Environment and Abnormal Environment?


define Testing of Procedure, Triggers and Functions in data base testing ?


What is the most important phase in STLC and Why


hi can anyone tell me about vision plus testing? and what about its future


How to test the below code and write test case? Prove that this code is wrong? int add(int a ,int b) {return a+b; }


write 5 critical test cases on product payment form on


Beyond the customary advantages of having a testing group, what are the benefits does a company receive from a well run, automated testing group?


What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?


how to verify a button size (e.g Login Button) on a web page have same dimension prescribed by Client in UI Testing..??


Please let me know how to test labels in web application manually and how the testcases would be. Please provide me a sample testcase


How we can test Cookies Manually?


what are all the things we will include in " what to be tested and what not to be tested" in Test Plan


Which was the most interesting bug you found.


What processes/methodologies are you familiar with?


What is client server application testing?