Manual Testing Interview Questions
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suppose i show 2 yrs fake exp. how will i face th interview.

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what is domain testing. explain.

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What is Version Control?

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wht is change management and configuration management?

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what are the 508 rules of accessbility Testing ?

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Can u give me explanation about section 508 testcase and Testcase for this section. It need a details checklist for the same Manimozhi


which situation will decide the approach (topdown/bottom up) to choose from?

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r there any openings for 1+ experienced candidates in Manual Testing? If there r any, please let me know!!

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Tell me about ur favorite bug.


why u chose testing as ur career?

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hi this is sunitha yagnamurthy ...what r the certification in testing and hoe to apply that certificaation and what r the topics we will studying in testing...... please anybody explain that process

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Can some one help me writing a manual test case for email applications like yahoo i need for


What is Check list for review test cases ?

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i'm 2007 passed out.I'm very much interested in testing.i tried very hard to get a job.wat to do if i don't get a job in small company also?

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Which are different types of review ?

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Hi, this is not a tech question, i have 4 yrs of experience in Mainframe systems, presently as a mainframe tester in pune, i just want to step towards south locatios(preferable hyd), suggest me the best way to get calls from hyd.


what could be the (realtime)bugs you come across in job portal and health care projects in terms of 1. high severity n low priority 2. high severity n high priority 3. low severity n low priority 4. low severity n low priority? pls its very urgent thanks n in advance n lukin forward for reply


When first time we are testing the screen then we have to write that this screen should contains so & so columns [ suppose there r 10 columns on that screen]in the expected result


How can a LOG for testcases be maitained which can give information about a TestCase that is it new one or has been occured in previous versions of the software.


please send me interview questions asked in google in testing - manual


what is API 2.0?


What are the RBI rules has to follow by a bank for online precesseing. ?


Why documentation testing is important?


What do you do (with the project staff) when the schedule fails?


Please can any one tell me 1).Types of reports 2).Types of Meetings.


1.What is configuration Management? 2. Explain Impact Analysis 3. Explain Peer Review 4. what i kickoff phase of Formal Review. 5. Whatv are the phases of fundamental test process. 6. what is state transition testing. 7. what is LCSAJ 8. Test conditions are derived from where?


can any body tell me what is the process of between after getting a documents and testcase writing.


can anyone help me regarding testing patterns?


what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing?


What is mean by Schedule report who is the responsible for generated that one ?