Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the review documents used for testing?


What are the containts of usecase document?

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Write UI Test case, Integration Test case, Functional Test case & Performance Test case for the File Menu for MS-Word?



what is the steps for preparing scenario ?

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how would u ensure 100% coverage testing?

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As a tester I found a show stopper(critical defect) this evening whereas the project is going to be delivered to the client tomorrow morning so there is no time left.I reported the same to my test manager but he is not ready to convinced with me moreover he wants to close the matter as it this senario wat will u do???


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How do you test for the coockies for a web application?



The project is going through the maintainance phase I logged a defect which is critical for resolving ,the developement team is in US when they got the reported bug they gave the xplanation that it is a six year old written code moreover we don't have proper followup documents to authenticate this this senario wat will u do??

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How u did security testing for the web application???


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Explan different Risks associated with the project????


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How is your project connected to the Database...tell the procedure??


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What is meant by thin point in QTP


I entered all the field in a form and b4 clicking the submit button the system goes this senario where is my data stored or it is lost???


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what is dib format?


what is BVA,EP?if any body knows this, post the answer for me.

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what is the difference between Desktop testing,Client/server testing and webapplication testing


Hi i am looking for Test Engineer Job, i have done the course, but i don't have work experience on it, Is it So important to have real time Exp or knowledge is enough? and please let me know like how i can improve for the interview. You can send me a mail on this id:


Why should you care about objects and object-oriented testing?


need testing projects where can i find them


Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time


How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ?


what is the technical challange you faced in your module.please ans me the question i just want example can me any example please very important


Hi, I want "Intergraph" placement papers for experienced people which was conducted recently in Hyderabad. Thanks, Purnima.


1) how will you do validation testing in combo box ? (2)Suppose user does not want maximum length validation message, but when tester inserts data in textbox and it gets truncated, how will you resolve this issue ? (3)if a user inserts maximum number in quantity textbox in a PHP based web application then what result will show?


functional testing and usability testing test cases for transfer funds...


1. what is a date guidelines ?


How we test the bulk of contents in web page using manual testing? Is any open source tool available for that ? Thanks in advance..


tell me some major and minor defects in ur net banking project?


Hi, can any tell how a tester can be judged? i have to interview a tester, how should i judge whether he has a justified experience or not? how a person with 3 years of experience in manual testing can be judge?


What is QCM?