Manual Testing Interview Questions
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wat is another name of retesting can we callit a retesting also

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what are the duties of Quality Assurance engineer and QA Tester?plzzz answer as soon as possible thanku

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If a company doesnt use a bug tracking tool then hw the tester reports the bug to the developer? plzz do answer its urgent.thanks in advance

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iam new to testing ,i want improve knowledge on manual and how to improve theoretically r practical?any one give me suggestion?

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iam new testing, i want improve writing test cases and bug defect etc? any on give suggestion pls?



1.Differentiate SDLC & v-model? 2. " verification and validation? 3. " quality assurance and quality control? 4.what are the components in test strategy? 5.Differentiate test strategy & test plan? 6.wht methods will you follow in yoiur company for test design?

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difference between manual testing and automation testing

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what is meant by deffered status


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how 2 find out nth salary.plz write sql qurires

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how 2 find out nth salary.plz write sql qurires


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What is the difference between Test Matrix and Test case

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test plan for atm machine in detail step-wise.

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how to retrive only second row from table?


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what is the difference between compatibilty testing and configuration testing?

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what is the difference between test strategy and test methodology?


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1.Enlist the types of testing performed for any window in sequence? 2.Use of edit_get_list function 3.Accuracy & Precision


What is a good test? Wy do we need testing write test steps for triangle write test steps for ATM How a tester should approach a devloper about non accepted defect? What is test coverage assurance and give an example Draw and expain V model and how it is helpfull in software development


Why it is recommended to add verification checks to your all your scenarios?


What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?


can any body tell me what is the process of between after getting a documents and testcase writing.


What are the properties of a good requirement?


i) functional test cases can we consider for regression test ? or we have to write separet test cases for regression test ? ii) How to write the system test case and what are the technique shall we have to follow ?


What is PBX Testing & What is Test coverage?


Can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


Hi friends Does anyone have screen shot of POWERMHS and please can anyone post anything which will be helpful to understand POWERMHS. thanks.


Hi....Friends....If anybody having Sample CSTP question papers, pls send it to the following Id... Thanks n advance...


I know functional test cases are derived from frs and system design specs. But are test cases for performance, database, boundary, relational integrity and other types of tests other than functional tests created from frs and system design specs as well? When are these test cases created? Are they in the same test plans alongside functional test cases or is their a different test plan that includes these test cases?


write testcases for open dialogbox


which sanity testing is performed?


What can you tell about the project if during testing you found 80 bugs in it