Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what happens to the test plan of the application has a functionality not mentioned in the requirement

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Which are the major bugs u found while testing an aplication?

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What is the difference bt QA and QC

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Hello planning to jump into Manual Testing field. How should i start. Please guide me.. Thank you

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hi,i have just done a 3 days training in software testing,i read and to a certain limit understand the fundermentals but when it comes to real life scenerio i mean working on a job i dont think am confident in the practical aspect. if u feel me pls hola

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Hi Friends ... why need testing team again, develop team is also doing testing... it is nessesary testing team for a project...

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ive been looking for a junior tester job for quite some time now, but most company keep requisting for experienced staffs, but if i dont start from somewhere how do i get the experience


keep pen in u r hand and write negative test cases.


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what is test bed?


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Who will excatly assign the priority to the bug.. ...

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how to indentify memory leakages after the build


What is QA Life Cycle?Can anyone describe it?

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How do we run the database testing manually

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what are the type of test strategy

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How do we run the Data Base Testing Manually

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What is bidirectional traceability ??? and how it is implemented


can any one explain me briefly erp pharma project including all modules,like how to tell this project in interview in terms of s/w testing


How does compatibility testing differ while testing in Internet explorer and testing in Firefox?


How can a LOG for testcases be maitained which can give information about a TestCase that is it new one or has been occured in previous versions of the software.


6 what do you like least about testing?


test cases for compose functionality of gmail


What are similarities of Agile and Scrum?


what is the function generator?


what we have to read to gain knowledge in banking and financial domain(software testing) for 4+ experience


1) Test summary contains ? 2) Requirement Tracebility means ? 3) Test Effort contains ? 4) Test Planning Productivity ? 5) Metrics should be caluclated ? 6) Interest rate Rsik is a type ? 7) Test analysis and Design process task? 8) secured loan is a part of Liability (or) assest in a balance sheet? 9) Money Market means? 10) a ------ specifies all of the terms of a loan and the obligations borrower ? 11) what is a primary market is ? 12) Quality of Testing measure with ? 13) Company has a share with facevalue 10 rs/- and NAV of 37 after comapny has given Dividend of 35 % then How much NAV become ? ( I don't know what is NAV means, question overall Idea I am giving not 100% perfect ) the potions for these are 1) 33 2) 33.50 3) 37 4) 42 14) one compay has taken 10 million loan from a bank for a Interest rate is 10 % and base amount is 0.4% so how much they had paid monthly Emi ? they provideansews like 1) 100000 2) 114000 3) 140000 4) 104000 Remaing questions I not remember.


how to write manual testcases for download the files from the template. for example:from product cost enddate


what are the status have in QC(Test Management Tool). and how you report?


Write test cases on duster


In which all places, testing is done?One is from the server by calling server name.Can u suggest others?


Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time