Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is meant by cyclomatic complexity???


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what is difference between load ,strss and perofrmance??? can u explain me with example???


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tell me about ur current project???


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Process in ur company??? Y only V?? y not waterfall and spiral??? tell me advantages and disadvantages??


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swap 2 variables without using 3 rd variable???


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what is Waterfall model?

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what is spiral model?

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what is v-model?

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explain v- model? why we call this model as v-model, not an u-model?

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Any body can tell what are the contents RTM(Requirements Tracebility Matrix)

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Any body can explain how do we find Duplicate Defects.

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what is the testing process if water fall is the sdlc model


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what is the real time testing process for water fall model..plz exp asap..thanks in advance


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pls explain company testing process in detail

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What is data persistancy?

CTS, Cognizant,

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How to derive test data from the design documents?


how to write test cases on SRS?tell me any example which type of certification is usefull for less then 1 yr exp. people in testing. can anybody know immediatly sent it which the answer


what are the possible test cases for online jobs search portal..if its a job seeker module and any 1 if u had worked on this proj pls share the bugs with sev and priority pls frends i need replies for these queries ..thanks in advance


How to test an application if it was already developed and it is in the state of changing the functionality according to the customer requirement How to start testing in this situation. I got an application to test.It is a desktop application.It is still developing and started 8 months can i start to test this application? Is it the right way to test it in "Random testing"? or writing the testcases from page one and executing them.i have an another responsibility that is I have to automate that application. can anyone tell me what is the process to test this application.


Tell me the algo for convering number into words. Meanse if the number is 4567 then it should print Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Seven


Why Equivalence Partitioning is called equivalence or what is the significance of equivalence term in ECP?


list of methods that is used to document the requirements of a software.


Difference between smoke and sanity testing


1) Difference between "Delete" and "Concatenate" with reference to databases? 2) Difference between SDLC and STLC. 3) Latest versions of the browsers used. 4) What is URL Tampering? 5) Full form of URL. I don't need the answers. These are just for reference.


Work flow in testing in your company?


what is JAVA TESTING? What Testers will do in JAVA Testing. Can any one Give suitable Ans Pls. it's urgent


Easiest way to write test cases? How i can learn writing the test cases?


How to write test cases for nevigating menus? Ex. Course -Topics -Subtopics


Pls u can u r mail id to my personal mail id also if they dont want to give u r mail id n comman place


why QA team is necessary for an organization?