Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is Client Server/Web Server Configuration(ISS).


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What are the different techniques for writing test cases?

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Why testing is required?

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What are the Test Deliverables?

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the typical Application Test Lifecycle?

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Use of Requirements Traceability?

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Use of Regression Testing?

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Phases of Software Testing Life Cycle?

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Explain Bug/Defect Life cycle?

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Whar are the different types of defects/errors are commonly appear during the real time software testing?


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describe the difference betweeen Test scenario and Test Case


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what is the Testing Process in your organization


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describe Bug life Cycle and the process taken in your organization.


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how can you define Priority and severity


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What is the main theme of doing Regression Testing

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is it necessary to write neagtive test cases for each and every field


Explain Test Plan with example? Explain following in the test plan with examples What is being tested? What are pass/fail criteria? When will each test occur? What Hardware & Software environment is required? What features must be tested? What features will not be tested? What are the responsibilities of individuals & organisation in the project?


Hi Friends, Just One Month Back I was Join in Small Company as a Testing Eng.I have Six Month Exp. In this Company all my team memb.r fresher & PM give responsibility on us to prepare all require QC doc. for our new project.So I need ur help in this matter .How Can I start my work and Which Doc.I start to collect & From Where I get Detail Information all abt these thing. Thanks to all friends who give reply to this. Suyog


Did any one completed CSTE certiication? can u send sample question papers? how to apply that? pls send it to my mail id - THANKS IN ADVANCE


If you're given a program that will average student grades, what kinds of inputs would you use?


What type of questions will be asking for 2 years experience candidate in manual testing?


is it not possible to automate full project??what r the parts in project that cant be automated(tht has to be done manually)?


what is localization and globalization.and what are the ways way are going to test the particular application?how can we identify factual, visual, corrupted characters, link errors, formatting errors, etc in locallization?iam going to attend the interview on localization concepts and languages like : German, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish .tell me the process how to do testing above concepts let me know its 9908814046


I have an Interview about Guidewire claimcenter,so could you provide any info regd it?.I would really appreciate any kind of help- email at


hi, I m looking for a career in manual web testing. so PLZ anybody who have the practical knowledge of dis field help me. GIVE ME UR MAIL ID so that i can ask regarding some doubts. my MAIL ID is


What is checkpoint? How can you handle the checkpoints?


what is the difference between Desktop testing,Client/server testing and webapplication testing


what are the test bugs


What is bidirectional traceability ??? and how it is implemented


what are the status have in QC(Test Management Tool). and how you report?