Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is ECP?

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what is database testing?

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what is bottleneck of application?

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who prepares the Use case?and why it is used?and when is use case prepared?who prepares the srs frs brs use case

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what is the good answer for authentication and authorization?

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What is the difference between user Acceptance testing,alpha testing and beta testing....can anyone tell me in wat order these levels of testin will be done???

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Can anyone give me an example for positive and negative scenario??

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What is difference b/w Windows XP & Windows NT


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Can any one explain me, What is Integration testing process?


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There are around 500 test scripts are there to execute by using which internet explorer u will test?


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How will you report defect in your organisation?

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How will you decide defect seviourity and priority?

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what we do when our reported defect reject?

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what is the diference between defectage and billinterval period?

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what are the key components in your company testplan documents?


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Am putting E-commerce project in my resume can any one please tell me about E-commerce application explaination..


Hi there Does anybody can respond to my Questions? Is some one there to answer my Questions posted in Software testing category.pls E-mail to


Explain some techniques for developing software components with respect to testability.


Scenario-based testing Option 1 concentrates on actor and software interaction Option 2 misses errors in specifications Option 3 misses errors in subsystem interactions Option 4 Both 1 abd 2


what is the challenging position faced in the testing not in point of management point of view it must be in the point of while testing the application?


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


what are the functional test cases for enter user name,enter pass word,click on ok(only functional test cases)


write test case for gmail sign up page ?


what is mean by Performance Related Testing in data base?


What is the difference between SIT AND IST?


Please is there any one working with ITR.COM? Having interview with them. Any tips will help.


how to test a web application manually?can u explain indetail?


what s test block ratio? please any one answer me..


What is the role of the test group vis-?is documentation, tech support, and so forth?


why use caffine for HPLC calibration ?