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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is visible state transaction test? give one example


what is the output of the query select * from emp where 1=2


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what is the diff between testbed and test environment?

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what type of document we prepare while testing?

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what is the diff between testing methodology and testing technique

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what is penetration testing


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Can any one give an example of having high priority and low seveority

Mphasis, Nokia,

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What is a Latent Bug What is a defect leakage

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what is meant by Inspections? what arewalkthrough?

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Is there any difference between Web Application and Client - Server application? If yes pls explain it.

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what is a test case?

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what is a usecase?

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in real time, which test case format we r using?

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tell me about high severity & high priority bug?

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tell me about low severity & low priority bug?

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need testing projects where can i find them


could any body plz let me know which is best training institute for telecome testing in hyderabad?


Do submit teststrategy to customer if yes at what time


What is ecp (equivalence class partition)?


Can you explain how tpa works?


approx how long a simple website take time just for manual testing including report generation.


hi i want manual testing interview question(3+exp)please tell me


functional testing and usability testing test cases for transfer funds...


Describe a past experience with implementing a test harness in the development of software.


write 5 critical test cases on product payment form on


Can any tell me how a clinical data management system is tested? what are the test scenarios? what are the test cases? work flow.


What is your approach when requirements change continuously?


Which criteria should take in account while doing CMS testing of any project?


what is the difference between Test-bed and test topology?


Hi, this is not a tech question, i have 4 yrs of experience in Mainframe systems, presently as a mainframe tester in pune, i just want to step towards south locatios(preferable hyd), suggest me the best way to get calls from hyd.