CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following functions is performed by a virtual private network (VPN)? A. Hiding information from sniffers on the net B. Enforcing security policies C. Detecting misuse or mistakes D. Regulating access

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During the review of an organization's disaster recovery and business continuity plan, the IS auditor found that a paper test was performed to verify the existence of all necessary procedures and actions within the recovery plan. This is a: A. preparedness test. B. module test. C. full test. D. walk-through test.

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Which of the following BEST describes the objectives of following a standard system development methodology? A. To ensure that appropriate staffing is assigned and to provide a method of controlling costs and schedules B. To provide a method of controlling costs and schedules and to ensure communication among users, IS auditors, management and IS personnel C. To provide a method of controlling costs and schedules and an effective means of auditing project development D. To ensure communication among users, IS auditors, management and personnel and to ensure that appropriate staffing is assigned

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Which of the following will help detect changes made by an intruder to the system log of a server? A. Mirroring of the system log on another server B. Simultaneously duplicating the system log on a write-once disk C. Write protecting the directory containing the system log D. Storing the backup of the system log offsite


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Java applets and ActiveX controls are distributed executable programs that execute in the background of a web browser client. This practice is considered reasonable when: A. a firewall exists. B. a secure web connection is used. C. the source of the executable is certain. D. the host website is part of your organization.

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An organization is developing a new business system. Which of the following will provide the MOST assurance that the system provides the required functionality? A. Unit testing B. Regression testing C. Acceptance testing D. Integration testing

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The MOST effective method of preventing unauthorized use of data files is: A. automated file entry. B. tape librarian. C. access control software. D. locked library.

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Access rules normally are included in which of the following documentation categories? A. Technical reference documentation B. User manuals C. Functional design specifications D. System development methodology documents

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An IS auditor reviewing operating system access discovers that the system is not secured properly. In this situation, the IS auditor is LEAST likely to be concerned that the user might: A. create new users. B. delete database and log files. C. access the system utility tools. D. access the system writeable directories.

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An internal audit department, that organizationally reports exclusively to the chief financial officer (CFO) rather than to an audit committee, is MOST likely to: A. have its audit independence questioned. B. report more business-oriented and relevant findings. C. enhance the implementation of the auditor's recommendations. D. result in more effective action being taken on the recommendations.


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Which of the following is the MOST critical and contributes the MOST to the quality of data in a data warehouse? A. Accuracy of the source data B. Credibility of the data source C. Accuracy of the extraction process D. Accuracy of the data transformation

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A company has recently upgraded its purchase system to incorporate EDI transmissions. Which of the following controls should be implemented in the EDI interface in order to provide for efficient data mapping? A. Key verification B. One-for-one checking C. Manual recalculations D. Functional acknowledgements

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An IS auditor performing a review of the backup processing facilities should be MOST concerned that: A. adequate fire insurance exists. B. regular hardware maintenance is performed. C. offsite storage of transaction and master files exists. D. backup processing facilities are tested fully.

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A single digitally signed instruction was given to a financial institution to credit a customer's account. The financial institution received the instruction three times and credited the account three times. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate control against such multiple credits? A. Encrypting the hash of the payment instruction with the public key of the financial institution. B. Affixing a time stamp to the instruction and using it to check for duplicate payments. C. Encrypting the hash of the payment instruction with the private key of the instructor. D. Affixing a time stamp to the hash of the instruction before being digitally signed by the instructor.

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Which of the following physical access controls would provide the highest degree of security over unauthorized access? A. Bolting door lock B. Cipher lock C. Electronic door lock D. Fingerprint scanner

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