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CCDA Interview Questions
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How is data transmitted in a Token Ring network? A. The node calls for a token, appends the data, modifies a bit in the frame, then sends the token B. The node waits for the token, gains possession of it, appends the data, modifies a bit in the frame, then sends the token C. The node transmits the data whenever it wants to D. The active monitor must first grant permission for the node to transmit data. After it receives permission, it sends the data

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What are two differences between 10BaseT and 100BaseT? A. Speed B. Frame format C. Addressing D. Network diameter

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What are three advantages of using fiber? A. Security B. Eliminate RFI and EMI C. Low cost D. High speed

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What is not a function of the distribution layer? A. Routing between VLANs B. Implement tools such as access lists, packet filtering, and queuing C. Implement security and network policies D. Provide workgroup/user access to the network

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What happens to performance if the maximum MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size is used? A. Performance increases B. Performance decreases C. Performance stays the same D. Performance has nothing to do with the MTU

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EIGRP was developed to improve what two protocols? A. OSPF B. RIP C. BGP D. IGRP

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Which of the following three protocols replace SDLC? A. 802.2 B. HDLC C. QLLC D. X.25

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What would a TE2 device be used for in an ISDN connection? A. as a connection from an NT1 device to an NT2 device B. as a connection from a non-ISDN terminal through a TA to the ISDN network C. as a connection from four-wire subscriber wiring to the conventional two-wire local loop D. as a connection to the ISDN network through a four-wire, twisted-pair digital link

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What type of address is analyzed by a Layer 2 switch? A. network address B. MAC and network address C. Protocol type, MAC, and network address D. MAC address

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When should you apply SAP filters to Netware service advertisement messages? A. When services are not required for a particular area or network B. Only after service advertisement messages have flooded the network C. Before any type of router convergence takes place D. When no change in network services has taken place for 40 minutes

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What are two services that the OSPF Hello protocol provides? A. It discovers neighbor routers B. It gets routes from neighbors during startup C. It helps elect a designated router D. It allows administrator to test for connectivity between two devices

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Which router would you choose for your design? A. 1600 B. 1700 C. 3600 D. 3640 E. 7200

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What would you include in your prototype design for this particular case study?

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You may receive a case study including Token Ring and Ethernet, so you may want to look at any constraints with cabling between Token Ring and Ethernet networks. Which statement describes the constraints imposed by the existing network? A. Replace all cabling B. Test all cabling C. Do not replace cabling D. Use microwave instead of cabling

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What is the first step in diagramming packet flow for the terminals within a network? A. Identify the end user nodes of all the terminals B. Figure out the speed of all the servers C. Find out where all the routers are located D. Find out where all the switched are located

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