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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which of the following are used by routers to learn routes to be added to the routing table? Ping and Traceroute MAC address resolution Acknowledgments and Sequence Numbers Routing updates and static routes

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If a router uses dynamic routing, how does it learn the route to remote networks? The router uses a DHCP request to obtain remote network numbers. The router uses a routing protocol to exchange routing info. with other routers. The router uses DNS request packets to obtain remote network numbers. The Network Administrator manually configures the remote networks.

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Of the following, which reason applies to dividing a large network into two or more smaller networks? Performance Security Address Management All of the above

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Which of the following is a routing protocols? TCP RIP SMTP UDP

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The PDU at the network layer is a ________ Packet Frame Segment Bit

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A router blocks ___________ Broadcasts Unicasts All packets Nothing

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Which device works at the Network Layer of the OSI model? Router Switch Bridge Hub


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What are the job opportunities i will get once i complete my CCNA certification.

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what is bgp, and what its attributes (thanks to sahin he sende me notes) Please try to give answer it will help you in future. after giving the answer most of them i am selected foro\ 2nd round of interview thanks


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what is ip address and what is the difference between the ip address and mac address why we are not using mac address instead of ip address


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what is stp.


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In stp which protocol is used for detrming root port root bridge ,forwarding port and blocking port


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what is the difference between eigrp and ospf

IBM, Wipro,

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what is the distance betwwen link stae routing protocl and distance vector who have the best convergence toplogy eigrp conatain 3 table name them what the toplogy table contain


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Explain why ip address called logical address?


What is the purpose of the Data Link?


What does the meaning of interface 0/0?


Which protocol works only on cisco routers?


Explain the types of communication in ipv6 ?


Define the logical link control?


What is default time of hello packets in ospf?


What is the icmp protocol?


How does PPTP encapsulate data?


Explain what is eigrp?


Tell me when we use standard access-list?


Which company mange ip's?


What is the size of an ip address?


What is subnetting? Why is it used?


What type of transmission bus topology support?