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CCNA Interview Questions
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As the system administrator, you type "ppp authentication chap pap secret". Which authentication method is used first in setting up a session? A. secret B. PAP C. CHAP D. PPP/SLIP

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Select the compression protocols for PPP? A. Stac B. Predictor C. Quality D. Magic Number

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What are the three phases of PPP session establishment? A. Link establishment phase B. Authentication phase C. Network layer protocol phase D. Handshake phase E. Dial-in phase

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What is the default IPX Ethernet encapsulation? A.) SNAP B.) Arpa C.) 802.2 D.) Novell-Ether E.) SAP

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What must be true for two Routers running IGRP to communicate their routes? A.) Same autonomous system number B.) Connected using Ethernet only C.) Use composite metric D)Configured for PPP

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The following is partial output from a routing table, identify the 2 numbers in the square brackets; ' [100/1300] via, 00:00:23, Ethernet1' A.) 100 = metric, 1300 = administrative distance B.) 100 = administrative distance, 1300 = hop count C.) 100 = administrative distance, 1300 = metric D.) 100 = hop count, 1300 = metric

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Identify 3 methods used to prevent routing loops? A.) Split horizon B.) Holddown timers C.) Poison reverse D.) SPF algorithm E.) LSP's

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Which statement is true regarding full duplex? A.) Allows for transmission and receiving of data simultaneously B.) Only works in a multipoint configuration C.) Does not affect the bandwidth D.) Allows for transmission and receiving of data but not a the same time

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Identify the switching method that receives the entire frame then dispatches it? A.) Cut-through B.) Receive and forward C.) Store and forward D.) Fast forward

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Identify the purpose of ICMP? A.) Avoiding routing loops B.) Send error and control messages C.) Transporting routing updates D.) Collision detection


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Which statement is true regarding the user exec and privileged exec mode? A.) The '?' only works in Privileged exec B.) They are identical C.) They both require the enable password D.) User exec is a subset of the privileged exec

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Which OSI layer end to end communication, segmentation and re-assembly? A.) Network B.) Transport C.) Physical D.) Application E.) Data-Link F.) Presentation

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What IP command would you use to test the entire IP stack? A.) Stack-test B.) Arp C.) Telnet D.) Ping E.) Trace

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Identify the 2 hardware components used to manage and/or configure a router? A.) Auxiliary port B.) ROM port C.) Management port D.) Console port

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What is the default bandwidth of a serial connection? A.) 1200 baud B.) 1.544 Mbps (T1) C.) 10 Mbps D.) 96Kpbs

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Suppose a Switch interface went in error-dis mode what you will do for Troubleshooting List all Possibilities


How many types of router?


Define the igp (interior gateway protocol)?


What is the advantage of vlan?


What is osi?


What is meant arp and rarp?


What do you understand by redundancy?


What is Transport and Tunnel mode?


Frame relay technology works on which layer of osi model?


What is subnet? Why is it used?


How do you find valid hosts in a subnet?


What is EIGRP?


which points are eliminated by the DBSCAN algorithm?


Tell me which protocol comes under hybrid dynamic type?


How many broadcast domains are in switch?