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CCNA Interview Questions
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Switching methods include cut-through, store and forward, and a modified version of the first two methods. Which statement about switching methods is true? A. The store and forward method has low latency B. The cut through method of switching has high latency C. The modified version holds the packet in memory until 50 percent of the packet reaches the switch D. The modified version holds the packet in memory until the data spoon of the packet reaches the switch

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With one method for transmitting frames through a switch, the switch receives the complete frame and checks the frame CRC before forwarding the frame. What is the switch transmission method called? A. CSMA/CD B. Full Duplex C. Cut-Through D. Half-Duplex E. Fragmentation F. Store and Forward

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Which command enables directly connected network to be used by RIP? A. Router(config router)# rip B. Router(config router)# rip C. Router(config router)# network D. Router(config router)# network

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What are the two primary operating modes for frame switching? A. Full Duplex B. Half-Duplex C. CSMA/CD D. Cut-through E. Fragmentation F. Store and Forward G. User mode H. Privileged mode

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What are four functions/characteristics of the network layer of the OSI model? (Choose four) A. It uses a two-part address B. It maintains routing tables C. It uses broadcast addresses D. It establishes network addresses E. It provides access to the LAN media F. It provides media independence for upper layers G. It provides path selection for Internetwork communication

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Which statement about an IP network is true? A. A broadcast source MAC address contains all zeros B. A MAC address is part of the physical layer of the OSI model C. MAC addresses are used by bridges to make forwarding decisions. IP address are used by routers. D. IP addresses allow a flat addressing scheme. MAC addresses use a hierarchical addressing scheme.

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What is an advantage of local area network (LAN) segmentation? A. smaller collision domains B. elimination of broadcasts C. decreased cost of implementation D. larger number of users within the same domain

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What is a key use of a device hardware address? A. to obtain a vendor code / serial number from the user B. to transmit a frame from one Interface to another Interface C. to transmit a packet from one local device to another local device D. to transmit data from one local device to a remote device across the internet E. to contain logical information about the device to use for end-to-end transmission

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What is the protocol and what is the second part of the following network address? mask - A. IPX MAC address B. IP Class C directed broadcast C. Private IP address node number D. Public IP directed broadcast E. Private IP directed broadcast

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What is the result of segmenting a network with a router into segments 1 and 2? A. It increases the number of collisions B. It decreases the number of broadcast domains C. It connects segment 1 and broadcasts to segment 2 D. It connects segment 1 and broadcasts from genre to segment 2

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What was the key reason the International Organization for Standardization released the OSI model? A. users could access network servers faster B. different vendor networks could work with each other C. the industry could create a standard for how computers work D. network administrators could increase the overall speed of their network

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Which statement is true? A. While bridges are used to segment networks, they will not isolate broadcast or multicast packets. B. A bridge looks at every packet within its network segment and works like a hub re-broadcasting the packet if the destination is within its network segment. C. A bridge maintains a table of the IP addresses of the hosts within its network segment and forwards the packet directly to the destination based upon the IP address. D. A bridge resets the hop count by keeping all packets within the network segment. Only packets addressed to a specific destination host outside the network segment are allowed to pass through the bridge.

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What is the most common layer 2 device? A. Hub B. Router C. Switch D. Repeater

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What is a function of a reliable transport layer connection? A. route selection B. acknowledgements C. session checkpoints D. system authentication

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Which two statements about a bridge are true? (Choose two) A. A bridge floods multicasts B. A bridge floods broadcasts C. A bridge does not flood multicasts D. A bridge does not flood broadcasts

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