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I am planning to take informatica 9.x certification.Looking for Informatica 9.x certification dump.


Is istqb is good certification is that job compulsory


SAP SD Interview Questions -Prepared by www.sapclient.com


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Anybody need ISTQB Interview Questions?

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HI Any one want brain dump Please mail me.I have genuine dumps by just reading that you can pass exam.Just mail exam code I will provide dump. Mail me:ajithkumar.jain@yahoo.com


How can I release the restriction of CISCO2811C/K9? 10M optical fiber, Speed limit of 125kb / s, made by last network administrator, how can I release the restriction? Please tell me the detail, thanks! Cisco configuration: CISCO2811C/K9 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! interface FastEthernet0/0 description WANpork ip address x.x.x.x ip access-group 110 in no ip proxy-arp ip verify unicast reverse-path ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly duplex auto speed auto ! interface FastEthernet0/1 description LANpork ip address 192.168.x.x ip access-group 101 in no ip proxy-arp ip verify unicast reverse-path ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly rate-limit output 1000000 1000000 1000000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop duplex auto speed auto !

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Our company order a cisco ws-c3750x-48t-s(here i bought from http://www.3anetwork.com/cisco-ws-c3750x-48t-s-price_p104.html), As for the switch, in addition to the port module and optical module can be extended, what else module can also be extended?



I studied btech in one of the university but i failed in some subjects so im editing all and trying to apply for ms in USA is there any problem..?? But i have all btech certificates of same college only..


- What is EGIRP and IGRP - How EGIRP and IGRP works


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Does import of CRNO slit coils requires BIS certification ?

CBEC Central Board of Excise and Customs,


Please could any send me Informatica power center developer certification dumps @    tsailunet@gmail.com? Thanks in advance



Please could anyone send me WebSphere Application Server (WAS Admin) Technical questions/certification dumps @    yogesh.birje@gmail.com? Thanks in advance


why join as medical representative

Sun Pharma,


user unable to login in server. what will do that?



production server is down. what will do that?



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I have my NCFM certification-beginner's level exam at 20th of feb. if anybody has any dump/test paper except those, present is nse-india site please send it to me at rashi_khushi@rediffmail.com thanks in advance


how to apply of export document cource which is the best classes for export documentation please advice me.


Can you explain encapsulating, carrier and passenger protocol?


I have done GNIIT software engneering and B.COM and also i have 1yr exp in oracle DBA can i do oracle DBA certification plz adviced me frnds....as early possible with certification details...


Please can any one provide me the latest informatica certification(8x)dumps? Please send it to my below mail id...Thanks shanthveer@gmail.com


what kind of certification should i go for and from where for doing erp- sap in sd module.


state bank managr can sign the character certificate


hello friends. i m saravanan. my stream (B.Tech)Information Technology. i m seeking for job. now i plan to do informatica certification.. but this certification is only for experienced software professional. i m having no software experience. do u think is informatica certification is useful to my carrer..?? and pls explain which certification is better Oracle (Or) Informatica????? my mail id is ysaravananbtech@gmail.com mobile no is>> +91-9894060089


I am an iti holder i have passed at 2010 how i can get electrical supervisor licence in banglore or in chittoor (dist) A P


Hi, I am planning for oracle datawarehousing fundamentals 11g certification.. 1Z0-515.. Any having dumps or materials for this.. pls provide me..


Can you explain voluntary and compulsory tunnels?


Can you explain PAP?


List the Basic Steps for MM configuration.


Suppose there are 3 pc's pc1 pc2 and pc3 all are connected with each other pc 1 is able to ping pc2 and pc3 but pc2 and pc 3 not able to ping pc 1 then what is an issue troubleshoot it?


I have lost my uk student visa refusal letter now i want to get an other original copy of that refusal letter