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Project Planning Interview Questions
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Given a MAKEFILE (yeah a makefile), design the data structure that a parser would create and then write code that iterates over that data structure executing commands if needed.



Write a function that inserts an integer into a linked list in ascending order. Write the test cases for this function.



Test the save dialog in Notepad?



Write the InStr function. Write the test cases for this function?


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Write a function that will return the number of days in a month (not using System.DateTime)?



You have 3 jars. Each jar has a label on it: white, black, or white&black. You have 3 sets of marbles: white, black, and white&black. One set is stored in one jar. The labels on the jars are guaranteed to be incorrect (i.e. white will not contain white). Which jar would you choose from to give you the best chances of identifying the which set of marbles in is in which jar?

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Why do you want to work for Microsoft?

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Write the test cases for a vending machine?


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How will gather requirements and where do you record. Is it in word / Excel or do you have any tool for that ?


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What is the stage when code is delivered to the client and he is testing it ?


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What are the different phases of SDLC ?

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How do you handle change requests ?

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How do you perform impact analysis ?

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How do you write unit test cases ?

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About current project architecture ?

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Did you used crystal reports? Do you have sufficient knowledge on crystal reports?


When you come in to the office, how do you know what you have to do during the day?


Tell about current project ?


How are the team members kept informed about the current status of the project?


create a flow diagram up to 2 levels for hospital management


How would you deal with a bug that no one wants to fix? Both the SDE and his lead have said they won?t fix it?


What and where are the policy statements for software project planning?


Write a function that inserts an integer into a linked list in ascending order. Write the test cases for this function.


Assignment A software house got a project to automate sales/purchase department of a furniture store. The store management is clearly transferred their requirements to the software house management. There is no chance of changing the requirements afterwards. Software house management use waterfall process model to make the project. Given is the progress flow of water-fall process model In waterfall process model, the deliverable (document) produced in one phase serves as an input to the next phase. Suppose you are a project manager who is leading this project. It is decided to work and complete the project using waterfall process model approach. You are required to develop a plan in which the key task is to decide the deliverable that should be built during and after completion of each phase. Also give a description or required contents that must be included in those deliverables. You are not supposed to make the complete project. All you are required to do is to make a Project plan. In that, you need to give a set of deliverables (documents) which according to you, should be developed in each of the phase (Requirements, Designing, implementation, Testing, Maintenance). Also provide contents which should be there in each deliverable. The contents should be clear and have brief explanation. Note:: There are one folder and one file in the attached folder. The file is named as Assignment 4 write-up which is your assignment write-up. The other folder named Project deliverables is the folder in which you are required to organize and place your deliverables. Name of the document/deliverable saved in each folder should be mentioned in the file named checklist (This file is placed in the “Project deliverables” folder) For Example If you produce a deliverable named Requirement Specification (RS) in the “Requirements” phase. You need to do following tasks 1) Finalize the RS contents 2) Save the file in sub-folder named Requirements 3) Write the name of this document in the checklist file under the heading Requirements. Similarly, you need to make and save deliverables of each phase. Not all phases contain one deliverable. There must be some phases having more than one deliverables. PLEASE SIR PRIVIDE ME THE CHECK LIST FOR GIVE SENERION ? CHECKLIST ARE: 1-Requirements 2- Designing 3- Implementation 4- Testing 5- Maintenance


Write the instr function.


How did you choose the appropriate lifecycle for your project?


Why do you want to work for Microsoft?


I want question and paper based MS Projects. Also is there any exam which microsoft conduct for Ms Project professional to issue certification?


Tell about yourself and job ?


Test the save dialog in Notepad?