VB.NET Interview Questions
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How do you script this scenario in QTP using VB? Verify XML attributes in XML message against XSD and data mapping of fields to Oracle tables? Verify data in XML to data in a defined table?

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How do you validate Date by using which validation Control?

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what is vb.net?

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i am attending to US consulate i kept my projects on vb.net ,please help me what questions will be ask on vb.net in us consulate


how can we assigns items on listbox so that it will show rowwise please write the code for it.

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what r the properties should be given to set method?

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What is MSIL

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In vb.net how to connect crystal report?

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sql satement for 2nd maximum value


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Hi I am planning to take interview in VB.net,can any one share your interview Questions for a Entry-level job. Regards Lina

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if user enters 1 or 2 or any other number in digit format in next textbox it should show the answer in word reading like if enters 12 answer should be twelve

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What is JIT(Just In Time) and How it works?

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1234 123 12 1 how to design above pic in vb.net?


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in my windows application i have to show excelwork sheetwhich is stored in the local system can any one tell me the code?

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Can we use a crystal report into a another crystal report

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Explain namespace?


What is vb.net used for?


What is different between web.config and machine.config and where it will be ?


What is jagged array in vb.net?


Explain about globalization?


What do you mean by serialization and deserialization?


what is the need for dynamic controls in vb.net? i would like to know for what purpose should we create the controls dynamically? please give the answer in simple words.


What is the difference between convert.tostring and .tostring() method?


What is late binding?


Can you please explain the difference between value and reference types?


What is the class that allows an element to be accessed using unique key?


Why is the xml infoset specification different from the xml dom?


How do you use two datareaders at the same time in a vb.net windows application ?


What is the main purpose of garbage collector?


What are the features present in vb 2005?