VB.NET Interview Questions
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Display a roll having minimum marks in two subjects?


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What is MSIL.


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how to get sum of two numbers in vb.net?

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when we will use console ?

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how to connect crystal report with vb.net ?


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concept of object oriented programming


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how to connect crystal report with vb.net ?


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linex will support dot net?

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What are Major Feature of VB.NET Over C#.NET


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how to restore database using vb.net?

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how to create crystal reports in asp.net & vb.net with syntax

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how to create views in sql with syntax and example

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1.wht is satellite assembly??? 2.How Garbage Collector works can u explain ????


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what is the base class of .net?

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In Datagrid after adding row, how you will assign the value for each cell to currently added new row?

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difference between checkbox vs radiobutton??


thak you Mr Govind for replying to my question. My next question is that how to retrieve image stored in an SQL server table and assign it to any image control or picture control using VB.net


what is the need for dynamic controls in vb.net? i would like to know for what purpose should we create the controls dynamically? please give the answer in simple words.


how to get dynamic control array position or its index position?


how to deploy vb.net with key and evaluation time? any one can help me?


i am attending to US consulate i kept my projects on vb.net ,please help me what questions will be ask on vb.net in us consulate


difference between control and component more than one differences


How do you script this scenario in QTP using VB? Verify XML attributes in XML message against XSD and data mapping of fields to Oracle tables? Verify data in XML to data in a defined table?


How to execute VB.NET PROJECTS,VB6.0 PROJECTS AND write their test cases.Need Reply Urgently


what is interface and when it is used?


Write a program that would find the nth term of a geometric progression, given the value of first term and common ratio. Any inbuilt function that the language provides for calculating exponent should not be used.


how many server control present in .net


Write a program to find all text files in a logical drive and return the count of the number of files?


my project run very wel in my sytem yhen i am deploying my project on client machine ,after deployment i run my project then it show " can no find server name " what i do .


i have two class that contain's two methods as same name in derived class i have to call these two methods what will happen at run time ?