VB.NET Interview Questions
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What is DLL hell?

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What is versioning in .NET?


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What is an indexed property?

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What is the Difference between Web User Control and Web Custom Control?


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what are the advantage in vb.net and different between vb and vb.net

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what are the types of threading models in VB.net ?


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Regarding Types of compatability in VB and their usage ?


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How do you do multithreading application in VB ?


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Difference between VB dll and assemblies in .NET ?

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Is VB.NET object oriented? What are the inheritances does VB.NET support ?

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Advantage of vb.net over vb ?

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Disadvantages of vb ?

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What is intermediate language in .NET ?

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How do you rate yourself in .NET ?

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What does VS.NET contains ?


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how many server control present in .net


thak you Mr Govind for replying to my question. My next question is that how to retrieve image stored in an SQL server table and assign it to any image control or picture control using VB.net


write a program to develop a graphic user interface application of marks book with students names and their names.the program should show the following options main menu,add student details,display student details,maximum mark and minimum mark.


Write a program to find all text files in a logical drive and return the count of the number of files?


hello thank you for replying to my question regarding adding barcode fonts in vb.net project. I have downloaded a free font and added in my vb.net project but now i dont know how to use that i need to generate barcodes can any body help me how to use those fonts these are font3of9 .i need a small code to use these fonts to generate barcode thank u!


my project run very wel in my sytem yhen i am deploying my project on client machine ,after deployment i run my project then it show " can no find server name " what i do .


what is interface and when it is used?


i am attending to US consulate i kept my projects on vb.net ,please help me what questions will be ask on vb.net in us consulate


difference between control and component more than one differences


How do you script this scenario in QTP using VB? Verify XML attributes in XML message against XSD and data mapping of fields to Oracle tables? Verify data in XML to data in a defined table?


difference between checkbox vs radiobutton??


Thank you for replying to my Question regarding Barcodes in VB.net. My next question is that how to use Barcode Fonts in VB.net I need a small code to Generate Barcodes in VB.net from a string of Values. This is the only problem i am left with in my project. Any body can help me please.


Write program in VB.Net with SQL Server and Crystal Reports to develop a small windows application to add,edit,save, search and print Employee Information and send sourcecode as zip file. empcode : .............. empname : .............. dateofjoin : dd/mm/yyyy dateofbirth : dd/mm/yyyy TableName: EmpMaster EmpCode EmpName DOB DOJ TableName: EmpDocs EmpCode DocNo DocName ExpDate


Write a VB.Net console program to check whether a number is perfect or not.


how to deploy vb.net with key and evaluation time? any one can help me?