Visual Basic Interview Questions
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what are the Differences between Modal and Modaless forms?

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What are the different cursor types that can we create using ADO Recordset? Difference between these cursor types?

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What is the difference between a ActiveX DLL and a ActiveX EXE?


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What are the types of Instancing property that can be set for a Class in a ActiveX DLL and ActiveX EXE?

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What does DoEvents do?

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Which datatypes in Visual Basic are capable of accepting Nulls?

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Is Visual Basic case sensitive in general?

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How do you call a function in a DLL?

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What is the error message that you would get if you try to use a recordset that is not initialized to anything?

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What is a datacontrol?

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Whats the advantages/disadvantages of using datacontrol vs DAO/ADO/RDO?

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what are the Differences between variables defined as public in a standard module (.bas) file and a Class file?

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what are the Sequence of events when a MDI form open with two child forms closing?

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What is the difference between COM and DCOM?

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What is the difference between creating a object using New and CreateObject in Visual Basic?

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Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet connected ODBC dbengine.


What do you mean by Databound Controls Explain?


Types of cursors in RDO.


what are the types of cursors in DAO?


Draw Sequence Modal of RDO? Explain.


What is the-use of property page Wizard in ActiveX Control?


How many ways we can access file using VB?


How many objects resides in ADO ?


what are the different Types of Recordsets.


How do I do drag & drop between applications?


How can I create a VBX?


What is the difference between change event in normal combobox and dbcombobox?


To populate a single column value which dbcontrols you to use?


How can you filter out specific type of file using file system controls?


What is the use of Data Form Wizard?