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  • 7 Seas interview questions (2)

7 Seas Interview Questions
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What is singleton class?

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What is the difference between COM and DCOM?

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Anybody plz give, How do you test aframe in a web page? If page cotain text message or Images, tables?


what made you take up present subject/area of specialization and what would you define as your career objectives


Give me an example of how you convinced someone to do something that they were not too keen on doing.


can we choose current transformer secondary, to calculate residual flux in a power transformer, so as its saturation is close to the saturation level of power transformer?


hello frens. Im Arun from the uk. im planning to apply for tester jobs with 3yrs experience. the problem is i dont have resumes. i have to mention atleast 3 projects (preferably financial projects) in my CV. im totally blank. can u plz send ur CV's to my email.... this would be a great help from you guyz. n u need any help from me? just mail me n ill get in touch with u. Thanx.


What is difference between HTML5 and HTML?


What are the causes of steam turbine failure?


 What kind of observing environments are present in artificial intelligence? a) Partial b) Fully c) Learning d) Both a & b


will fix foundation bolts at site with out template is there any procedure?


what is mean of area?


Is there any relation between Keyword Driven Framework and Recording modes provided in QTP( whether Recording modes are applied on keyword driven framework or not?)


What is Spawn Threshold? 


i am looking for Final year Architecture Designer or any home based project worker in chennai. contact 9500092822


How to design a Unit auxiliary transformer for a power house having a unit of 65 MW and Generating voltage of 11 KV and Secondary voltage of 433V


What is the coeffiencent Friction Angle between Steel and Ashphalt?


7 Seas Interview Questions
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