Dot Net Interview Questions
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how do you retrieve the customized properties of a .NET application from XML .config file? Can you automate this process?

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What is the use of ErrorProvider Control in .NET?

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What is Atomicity?

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Explain acid properties?

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How Can Registry Editor in .NET?

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How Can Creating Installation Components in .Net?

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who handles these error while writing the source code???.

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how can i create a table from front end to back end in wabe page?


Where The Inheritence is useful?How we decide the situation of inheritence

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what is connection pooling

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what is the diff between remoting and webservice

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what is sitemap

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What is static Constructor?


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What is a sealed Class? What is the differnce between sealed class and private class?


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What is abstact class? in which scinario we can use abstact class?


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what is machine key error in .NET how can we solve it?


If we write any code for DataGrid methods, what is the access specifier used for that methods in the code behind file and why?


I am developing a project.Title is "Remote Demonstator".Using and C# Abstact: While administrator moving mouse and clicking on any link in the webpage that action will be performed in Server machine as well as in client machine.The client initially have to log-in and make a phone call to the admin. This is my project. How can i get this? I can create a website but this concept i have to implement in my website.How can i achive this? How to get client system control and how my mouse movings can be visible to client? I request all to please give me a basic idea or some hint. Advance Thanks.


how to change the title of my window?


What is Event - Delegate? clear syntax for writing a event delegate


Is there any attempt system for microsoft technology papers?


what is the keyword used for self reference?


Write Code for DataSet,Datareader,and by deleting the button gridview should be empty?


Types of compatabilities and explain them ?


sql related question (outer join, left, right etc) array vs hashtable CRL sqldatareader vs dataset what is WPF, WCF, compare to WinForms Webservices MVC vs WebForms?


Hello, I want to connect a system in LAN and i want to access that.When ever i am moving a mouse in my desktop the similar thing have to happend in the another system in which i have connected. I need coding for this in c# and .NET . any one please help me.It is very urgent to me Advance thanks. my email


readonly syntax ?


i have done enough testing in life but now stated developing intereset in development work,Can i think of entering into development work that too in >Net after more then 4 years of testing experiece?


What is the purpose of Accordian in jquery? Where it can be used?


i just want to write an exam regarding .net?plz give me information about taking a test?where to pay 4 d exam,exam centre?