Dot Net Interview Questions
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how do you retrieve the customized properties of a .NET application from XML .config file? Can you automate this process?

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What is the use of ErrorProvider Control in .NET?

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What is Atomicity?

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Explain acid properties?

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How Can Registry Editor in .NET?

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How Can Creating Installation Components in .Net?

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who handles these error while writing the source code???.

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how can i create a table from front end to back end in wabe page?


Where The Inheritence is useful?How we decide the situation of inheritence

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what is connection pooling

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what is the diff between remoting and webservice

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what is sitemap

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What is static Constructor?


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What is a sealed Class? What is the differnce between sealed class and private class?


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What is abstact class? in which scinario we can use abstact class?


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Can you Write the GC(Garbage Collector) Algoritham in .NET? (But not Explination of Working of GC).


Please explain me what the project manager will ask in the interview.The interview is for senior position in .Net (5 years experience )


I want to fetch data from datareader. i have three tables in datareader. i want to bind my two table with datagrid, then i want to fetch a value from my third table. do u have any idea pls help me. we use dr.nextresult() for multiple tables.


What is RCW (Run time Callable Wrappers)?


i want to take the fast track training on >net Frame work and work flows and share point could you tellme the good institutes for that cources


I have a problem in installing visual Studio 2008 on PC that have Celeron Processor ? afterAll InstallionFaied . Pls suggest me . Is it possible or not .if Yes then How ?


What is the purpose of Accordian in jquery? Where it can be used?


SAP Business One(this is intigrated tool of .net)


what are constructors and destructors?


The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached.How I can Solve this problem when i using crystal report to load from my application.


I am working with 2005 and Crystal report 10. I have an image field on my dataset to show on Crystal report.And the image is shows dynamically from database in image field of CR. The image field is showing well on my Crystal report on its first page with all other data but when i click to open second page of CR,it does not show any data on that.I found that this is because of adding the image field on crystal report. Because when i remove the image field from the CR then it will run both the pages of CR. I am using the Page Load event to bind CR data with Database. And i have already check with the Init event to bind CR , but it still not shows the data on second page when i use image field on that. Please give solution for that.....


I have 2+ years of fake experience,actually i could not answer for project questions..?how can i answer please suggest me..?


What are the properties of datacontrol?


4. Wcf- what Asych and Sych call and how that works


deference between display and visibility property of CSS