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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What is terms date basis?

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What is the report used to identify duplicate suppliers?


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Difference between header level tax calculation and line level tax calculation?

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What is meant by accrual write off?

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Difference between quick payment and manual payment?


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Use of Future dated payments?

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Tell me steps for Period closing Process in AP?

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Payable And Financial options?

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What is meant by third party payments?


How to transfer funds between your internal banks?

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Invoice Approval Process?

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Can I find out which invoices are matched to a PO?

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What is Intercompany Invoicing?

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ERS Invoice means?

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Use of Pay on receipt auto invoice?

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how service tax work.


Explain about Localization (IND & US ) in Oracle Apps ?


I am traying to access oracle functiona/ technical interview questions asked by the consultancy "infosys", but i cant find anything when i go the to the links, i need the oracle erp techno functiona questions pls, Thanks, in advance Tovia


We are running Oracle EBS 11i and yesterday whilst doing my month-end I forgot to select "calculate finance charge" on form ARXSUPST AR Print Statement run. I am struggling to get to My Oracle and was hoping someone out there might have experienced or heard of a similar problem. What are my options to rectify this situation... I look forward to you inputs..... Thank you Regards Salie


1.what is the name of program to create invoice automatic from po.? 2.How to auto upload the bank statement? 3.PO tax has not flown to invoice . why? Debit memo not generated for return of goods.??


I have created an invoice and made the payment in Accounts payable. Now the payment status is Negotiable and accounting status is processed. I reconciled the transaction in Cash Mgmt, The status changed from negotiable to Reconciled in CM. I checked the payment status for the invoice in payment window(AP), the payment status changed to RECONCILED UNACCOUNTED i.e correct but the accounting status is remain processed which is not the correct. I hope the transaction will be correct if the accounting status would have changed to PERTIAL . Please suggest any solution for the above query.


SLA usage ans how to define setups?


what is the meaning of purchase default and what are the types


difference between tds and income tax (India)


How to do the analysis of discounts lost and fixing the root cause?


How do u bridge the gaps in functional understanding of AP,GL,FA. explain with some live examples.


explain with examples what r the roles & Responsiblities of a functional consultant who reviews the Test Scripts, Test Cases and Test Execution Results of AP, FA and GL.


What is meaning of deprecation?


What is the Process of Reconciliation Between AP to GL


What are the inventory report to check inventory status.