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  • Medical interview questions (8)

Medical Interview Questions
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What is the kussmal sign?

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The purest form of water is (A) Rain water (B) Heavy water (C) Tap water (D) Distilled water

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What is the total syllabus of Group I and Group II?

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The sound producing organ in birds is 1 Trachea 2 Bronchus 3 Larynx 4 Syrinx

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In the manufacture of safety matches, which of the following material is used to coat thetwo sides of the match-boxes?1.Yellow phosphorus 2.Red phosphorus 3.Glue 4.Glass powder

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What is the function of restraining coil in differential relay? as well as restraining current?

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can i do after doing in bio-technology for better career.can u suggest in which subject of there is a better opportunity and good career.

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What are the present rates of Vat, Tds & Service Tax?

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Medical Interview Questions
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