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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Hi All. IN AR once the first dunning is sent to the client, after that how the system will know the next dunning need to be sent?


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What is the overview of Depreciation? how it will be calculated in asset account? please tel me...


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Situation:- We are following fiscal year is Jan to Dec. we purchased an asset for Rs 1,00,000 /- and we are calculated on this asset depreciation is 10%. At the time of 12th period (Dec) my client is realized that we should have been charged at 5% instead of 10% depreciation. Question:- How you will adjust the depreciation to 5% which has already been charged with 10% on the previous periods (i.e Jan to Nov). Note: it has been changed the depreciation key to 5% on Dec month and same assigned to the particular asset master data. Your valuable suggestion on this much appreciated.


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which fields we cannot control through the field status groups at the time of document posting?


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What and when will be the accounting entry in Order to cash cycle?

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What are the customization we have to do for foreign vendor? and How to make payment through APP? how the vendor is taken this payment(i mean how to send this payment to vendor)?


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What are the steps for foreign vendor? what are the parameters we have to select for app? how to send this payment to vendor? please give me clarification............


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What are the condition types for mm? what are the parameters we have to select at the time of po?


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how to use transaction F110 for Receivables

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how can transfer closing bal tonext year


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what is the use of parked,recurring and sample document?


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What is the use of sort key?

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can we create house for multiple company codes?is it possible to pay cross company code payments? if why please give me answer. thanks for advance



Can anybody help me. for our client have 2 com codes A and B for those 2 com codes have one customer,at the time of incoming payment the customer given only one check he did't given different checks for 2 com codes, but A com code payment was received and posted total amount. here the problem is how to transfer A com code to B com code? how the profit center will be updated? please explain clearly with steps and transaction. thanks for all advance............


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Someone kindly explain to me where can i set up in vendor master Cost Center / Business Center / Segments Optional, please help freind. i cant find out. i waiting for my sap group freinds valid responds


What exactly do you know about the sap fico?


Outline company code—controlling area assignments? : co- general controlling


Is it possible to change an existing b/s gl account to the p&l type? : fi- general ledger accounting


How do you execute an automatic payment program? : fi- accounts payable


What is clearing? : fi- general ledger


What are the critical scenarios in production support? Tell me some examples?


What is account modification key?


What are shortened fiscal year? When are they used?


Explain the most common g/l reports in fi?


What does field status group assigned to a gl master record controls? : fi- general ledger


Describe number range interval. : fi- general ledger accounting


How do you ensure correct balances in the financial statement? : fi- general ledger master data


Explain assets under construction (auc) in sap : fi- asset accounting


what is payment medium program ? how to config advance payment in app ? payment suplymentary in app?