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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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We have total 5 branches at the time of posting document we did't specify which branch it is. Here the problem is how to know for which branch belonging it please give me answer as soon as possible thanks to all........


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Hi all...I am new to NewGL, can any body explain in detail what is document splitting, and its purpose.

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Can any body explain what configuration steps are required for parallel accounting (parallel ledger) in new GL ?

Cap Gemini,

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What is the meaning of Generate Asset Classes From GL Accounts. Kindly can any one tell me what is the meaning of this in detail.


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How many ways we are procuring the Asset in a Company?

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What all taxes comes under CIN ?. Do all taxes - Excise, WHT, Service tax, Sales Tax, VAT comes under CIN?

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Hai i completed MBA finance and done SAP FICO than i want start my carrer with sap fico entry level .Is there any openings such jobs .suggest me any one plz................


why do we request parallel currency?

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do we give currency to chart of accounts ?

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if fiscal years are different for 2 different company codes with usd and inr currencies respectively how do you generate combined reports in usd currency?

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is it possible to have different currencies for gl accounts under one chart of accounts ? if yes what is the significance?

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how the opening & closing of periods is done for fi ?

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what is the relation between fi & co and ho the accounting flow takes place?

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explain 2 business scenarios which do you feel have considerable significance and what kind of solutions did you offer while working on the projects?


what is the need for balance interest calculation maintenance of setting in case a financial decides on interest rates and loan repayment due dates etc all other issues and we only need to pay the intrest amount ?



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Un-Answered Questions { SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) }

Differentiate between chart of account and operation chart of account


What are the procedure for implementing FI Sub Module, like AR, AP, AA etc


What is group asset in sap? When you will use this? : fi- asset accounting


Where are payment terms for vendor master maintained?


Can you explain how do you carry forward account balances?


Explain asset retirement in fi-aa? : fi- asset accounting


In sap fi what are the organizational elements?


How many chart of accounts can a company code have?


What is a cost center group?


What are the kinds of assets in sap? : fi- asset accounting


Name the standard stages of the sap payment run?


when transport save objects, where do they get transported?


What is gl master record? How is the field status of gl master record maintained?


What are the configurations for bank statement processing? : fi- general ledger


any body send the configuration of investment management