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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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In using kob1 tcode for actual line items, I want to know if we can make it display line items month i need ABAP for it or can i use ABAP Queries? I want to see the line items for the internal orders monthly

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I just created a company,completed all basic details i.e., creation of company, co.code, coa, stv, ppv, tol, a/c groups then opened F-02 to post one posting BUT it's showing an Error as Message No.: FF703 " Company code not assigned to country or country to calculation procedure" and unable to proceed further. The Msg: Company code not assigned to country or country to calculation procedure Message no. FF703 Diagnosis An error occurred when checking the tax code. Either the assignment of company code and country or of country and calculation procedure is not correct. Procedure Check the system settings. To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5). If the program error occurred In a standard SAP program, then create an OSS message In a program you wrote yourself, then correct the program. Please help me out.How to tackle this situation.Thanks

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sir i am bcom complited,I wanna do sap,Can it help me to boost my career and i have a long gap after graduation. suggest me which ll be the better option andwhich moudle of sap or other option ll support me.after copmlition of sap i wanna do mba in distance.

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when i post a billing document for free goods how can i exclude for a line item (cost element type 1),not to create a profitability segment but only a cost center thanks in advance

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How to Configure Parking document system in SAP.


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how we get the information about oss msg or error msg that wat mistake we have done as configurater while doing configuration

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I am pursuing SAP and I have only 3 months experience as an accountant. Please tell me what are the areas I need to prepare and is there any step by step procedure in learning both accounts and SAP, especially SAP.

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SAP exclusive materials with 7 Blueprint/project


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hello sir .ihave one party.this party is vendor and also customer party.i purchased&sell goods to this how can i manage this a/ can i post purchase&sales invoice.and also outgoing&incoming payment


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Can GL a/cs of one company code be copied to another company code (the two company code belongs to different companies)? If possible what is the procedure?

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Folks, Can somebody enlighten on doing inter company eliminations without using consolidation module(EC-CS).Can we capture the G/L line items directly (FBL3n)and do some ABAP to get the desired results


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Who will be done the BDC(Batch Data Communication) process.. Is it consultant or technical people(ABAP PEOPLE)


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Chart of Accounts are created at client level or company level or company code level ? How many chart of accounts can we assign one company code(not operative,country and group)?

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In FI-MM integration we assign the Valuation modifier, and valuation class and G/L Account? from where and how the values of stock will come and post gl account. what is the job of the valuation class..and movement type ... where we give the movement type.. valuation modifier means valuation area group code, where we will give this indicator..

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In vendor Invoice posting will be done by the MM people by using MIRO T.code than what about f-43... What is the difference between these two T.Codes? In real time Which T-code will be used?

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