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SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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how a support individual will receive Tickets/issues from client

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What is ticketing tool n what ticketing tools r uesd in SAP mm during support


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what r da topics that an enduser will get traind during implementation for SAP mm

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what r the priority levels used in SAP, r these defined by individual companies r set same fr all

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while creating inforecord system is asking 2 enter required entry at planed delivery time,entered a number but it is not accepting HELP ME plzzz

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what is material type PIPE and xplain with example

Bristle Cone,

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what is data consititency

Atos Origin,

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what is change request?what is create request?what is own request?when coustamised data is saved a popwindow appears as promt for customisation in that 2 fields display own request n create request for what it is used?plz clarify

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if physicaly checked the stock found zero. hoe to enter stock zero stock


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how to deal the tickets and how to recive that one


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what is end user training? what r the topics that end users get traind?

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Termsof payment are not maintained in Purchasing data of vendor master record but payment terms are maintained in the company code segment of vendor master record still payment term is not getting picked up from company code segment in the purchase order.

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what is the current situation of SAP MM in market,as i have 5+yrs of domain n want to change 2 SAP, i have come 2 know thru SAPGURU that SAP is at saturation stage i.e MM SD PP & 90% of companies have implementd SAP there wnt be implemntn in future. is it true?plz let me know. THANX

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A PO has posted,goods r received but the invoice is not matching with the PO as the TAX was reduced after posting. PLz clarify

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1)wht is the diff between partner function and partner type? 2)wht is the use of account modifier in automatic account determination? 3)in stock detrmination.wht is header table and item table? 4)whr in inforecord you can see the quantum price?


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What is an 'mrp area'?


Problem is that after goods receipt and after invoice verification, a reversal of goods receipt is being done. The client wants this more controlled as the grir account is being affected. So no reversals to be done after invoice verification. How to approach this?


What is the transaction code to access mrp list?


What are the main components of the mm module?


what are the types of special stock available?


Explain subcontracting cycle


What is an 'mrp list'?


What is the difference between contract and scheduling agreement?


How can we take consignment stocks into our own stocks?


What are the plant-specific data in material?


Explain the 'transaction keys' in mm?


What is use of material type unbw?


What is the last step in the procurement cycle?


When, in initial configuration, why would you have to setup stock transport order?


Explain batch management process.