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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Overloading and Overriding ? Which of them is possible in ABAP ?

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By default SAP provides locking mechanism if db is being used by a user ,then what is the use of writing enque method in your code?

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Explain MM and SD flow from ABAP point of view?


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What is the difference between check table and check field

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we go in debugging but i m in 5th line of debugging and i want to go again in 4th line of it then how to do that

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i have to fetch the data based on non primary key field from a pooled or clustered table, but for pooled and clustered tables we can't create secondary index then to achieve the performance what to do?


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field symbol work as a pointer,but it store address of question is ,it got address from sap memory or abap memory or in database server ? i mean that address indicate to which memory ?

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can anyone please tell me, in orient paper mill project which fields exits for creating report.

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How to handle table control in BDC?


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If there is a bank system application,in this when one user login then photo of his would be come up and another one login then his photo should come up in smart form,then how it will handle or make a smart form dynamically?

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how to add a field to existing TMG with out deleting that TMG. tmg over riding techinique.

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actually, How I will Start For Enhancements Technique.


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What is Implicit and explicit enhancements.


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If i have 6 fields in our ztables,But when i would like to display the contents,then only 4 fields would be come up,HOW IT WILL Handle?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

what is abstract classes


can anyone please tell me, in orient paper mill project which fields exits for creating report.


When was the sap abap being created?


what are the various types of parameters and how are they distinguished from one another?


What is For-period and In-period


Difference between stand alone CRM and back-end CRM


What are the disadvantages of using explicit enhancement?


how to genernate 21 sencondary index


Which infotype records can not be deleted ? : abap hr


How would you suppress the display of a parameter on the selection screen?


What are the different database integrities?


Difference between /N and /BEND?


What is primary index?


What are the two ways of producing a list within a transaction?


What will happen when we use fully buffered in abap?