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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what are the events of table maintenance generator?

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If a Function module is defined as RFC enabled why the parameters should be  pass by value not by reference in sap abap

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Can we use COMMITWORK statements in BADI

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Suppose I am working on userexit if someone wants to work on same is it possible to work?

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What is kernal badi? What is the difference between classic badi and kernal badi ? What is the advantages of kernal badi?

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What Is Roll Area In ABAP?

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Hi guy.. i have to face an interview in a couple of day.. so can you please give me some good and tough question on abap.

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what is difference between rfc and bapi

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why we have to define function group?

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What technical problem you will face if you create many secondary indexes.


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when a material is created through BDC, does it add the created material in mara table?Or else where the material created is stored?(In which table?)


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can we use sub routines in a function module?

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at which situation we create the secondary index?

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In table maintenance generator, how to restrict the values that has to be shown for one field for a particular user ?


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Can we modify data in data base table using view?


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What is a database view? : abap data dictionary


Can i Have Some Realtime Examples On Modulepool programming.


On which even we can validate the input fields in module progams?


What is view? Explain the different types of view?


What is the difference between the exits created in M.M and S&D?


Can we define our own match code id's for sap matchcodes? : abap data dictionary


How many structures can be created in a Ztable ?


I created a field and entered the field type, when I double clicked the field type to define the domain; it is asking for an ACCESS KEY, I am not changing any SAP defined tables, working on a user defined table.


Give few names of pooled tables in sap ?


when do you need to create an internal table with header line ? and with out a header line?


What is size category?


What is the differences between structure and table in data dictionary in abap?


What is the function module for INDIAN PAYROLL to read table cluster for given cluster table and sequence number?


What is the use of at new statement ?


A field-groups statement or an insert statement reverses storage space and transfers values. State true or false. : abap modularization