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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How to Handel Duplicate entries in LSMW.

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B -Credit Note report Selection Screen Ranges: Creation date Sales Org Sold to Party Selection condition: Document Category – VBTYP should be ‘O’ Table to be used: VBRK, VBRP,VBPA,ADRC List the CR order types or credit billing type by customer number (or selected customer) and displays the: - Billing Document date (FKDAT) - Customer number (KUNRG) - Name of the reseller (on top of the SAP No) (NAME1) - Billing document number,(VBELN) - order reason (AUGRU_AUFT) - Amount (NETWR) - Currency (WAERK) Group Currency wise, billing type wise sum of Net value. When user double click on field ‘Billing Document #’ , display the document in VF03 Do this using OO ABAP.


how many subscreens we can create in a main screen?

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how to restict the data display in smart form like if i want to display directly in secondary window.

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what is call back in alv?


What is the full form of "SPA/GPA" Paramaters.

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What are the different OK Codes that can be used in batch input processing?

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What is the difference between ABAP and HR ABAP



What is logical data base


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What are logical data bases used in hr module

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What is the difference between PNP and PNPCE

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Explain GET PERNR concept when we use logical data base

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Explain the program flow when we use logical database PNP or PNPCE

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What are the program names for logical database PNP and PNPCE

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What is report category and for what purpose do we use report category

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Is there any BAPI to retrieve list of customers and their sales areas i.e., Cust No, Distr Channel and Division for all the customers.


Explain what is a logical database?


What are matchcodes?


What is time constraint ? : abap hr


What are the domains and data elements?


Which transaction code can I used to analyze the performance of ABAP program.?


How do you work with semi colon se[arated files in BDC ?


data:zxyz type xyz. where xyz is a standard sap structure where it contains data type fields and line type (refer to other structure) fields. my question is how to assign values to field zxyz-str-matnr where str is a structure inside xyz structure.


What should be declared explicitly in the corresponding abap/4 statements to access internal tables without header lines & why? : abap modularization


What are domains and data element? : abap hr


What are the disadvantages of using explicit enhancement?


What are the different functions used in sap script?


What do you mean by batch data communications programming?


What is open sql vs native sql ?


how to genernate 21 sencondary index