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UPSC Political Science Interview Questions
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Workers of the world unite: you have nothing to lose except your chains, who said it

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What Fascism means

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Say something about Fascism

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What is the main factor that contributed Fascism to rise in Italy

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Who said, War is to man and maternity is to woman

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To which Fascism supports

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What is the ultimate goal of Marx

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The word ?Fascism? was derived from which term

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In the words of George Bernard Shaw, what is socialism

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Marx was belongs to which country

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What happens when a vote of no-confidence motion is passed against a minister?

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What is an Ordinance and what happens to it?

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what qre rights??

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how many languages recognises The Constitution of India in its eighth schedule?

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who was the governor general when the 1857 revolt broke out?

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in maharastra cooperative organisation for buying and selling are known as?


What is the difference between public agencies, voluntary agencies and semi government agencies