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what qre rights??

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what qre rights??..

Answer / srikanth

The privileges a user or role has on a system.
Rights are moral principles sanctioning a man's freedom of
action in a social context.

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what qre rights??..

Answer / tahir

right is legal ability.

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what qre rights??..

Answer / chayanika saxena

In technical terms, rights essentially qualify as something which is due to us as a human being, as an individual, as a citizen of any nation, as a member of a group, etc.
Rights primarily are access keys to those spheres of human life, may it be political or economic, without having access to which we cannot lead a dignified life(ex. right to minimum wage).
Rights enjoyed by individuals entail a reciprocal obligation on the entire society, an obligation to let or assist the person in taking full advantage of her rights. For instance, if an individual wishes to cast her vote in the elections on the basis of the right that has been bestowed on her by the law of land, then rest of the society is obliged to let her do the task as enshrined under her right.

Rights in common parlance are believed to be mere legal entitlements, however, this is only one facet of rights that we know, for there are rights which stem from moral ground as well.
Such entitlements are of various types, like civil, political, economic, etc,. And for that matter, the ambit of rights has been ever expansive, for since the time they had entered the human society (as natural rights in Platonic times), it has been expanding since then, to include at the present multitudes of rights which can be essentially subsumed under the 3 broad generations of rights.
Of lately, demands for group and cultural rights are being heard from the Multicultural propounder.

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what qre rights??..

Answer / nisha

we have rights to full fill our duties.

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