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RRB Interview Questions
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Hi sir I am sumit patil from indore. I did m. pharmacy in pharmacology….unable to get job in core fied due to ban in clinical research by supreme court. now i am selected in ibps po interview . if they ask me why you want to join banking sector and what is use of your degree in banking?....what should be my answer?



hi frds iam manasa iam frm AP.. i am short listed for apgvb po interview bt iam very tensed about it ... frds if any of u have cleared it please give tips for prepration....plzzz


echoes are produced due to


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what is melting point of copper?


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13 years back my father was thrice my age and 2 years back he was twice my age , what is the present age of father?


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I have completed my BBA degree from sikkim manipal university. now I am looking for a Bank job in rrb or sbi. but I have only 22 marks in secondary level. so am I eligible for bank exam? Please guide me.


health and maleria inspector


guyz please suggest me which institue is better in these: talent spirit,sage,race

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Q: The marked price of an object is rs 1920. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discount is allowed his gain percent would be? I need complete solution pls help me

Indian Railways, L&T,

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if a is coded as 2,bas 3 and so on,what is the code for face

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req :  rrb previous exam papers for IT technical questions



Today is Friday after 62 days will be

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which is the main activity of the Eskimos during the short period of summer season ?

Indian Railways,

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the working principle of a washing machine is


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how to become m.r o?


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sir how can i get the solved papers and model papers for rrb exam for technician grad 2 sihnal?plz help me


please send me previous questionpapers of psychological test


please give me information about rrb technical cadre exam for eee dept....also mailme some previous year questn id is


Please send me RRB TICKET COLECTOR preavius quaction papers and exam syllabus


plz sir railway group d qstion paper oractice set


Hi, i like to know the syllabus for RRB(Section Engineer- Electrical)? Whether the syllabus will be same for every RRB exam conducted in any state.I am Electrical engineer send me syllabus & previous question papers


Sir, Generally how long it ll take for RRB to release the results of exams which they conduct(i.e) for traffic apprentice,goods guard etc


plz. send me a rrb assistent loco pilot previous papers


pls send me RRB previous question papers. My id is


sir i want technician grade-3 (carpenter) model question paper


Dear Friends, I need syllabus & last three years questions paper for section engg(Electrical/Electronic),please send to below mail


please send me rrb competitive exam syllabus and question and ansers


i want rrb qustion papers


please send me last five years solved question withh syllebus of assistant station master exam question of rrb


Sir, please send me rrb technician 3 electrician model questions in email id: