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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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what type of testing is carried out to find memory- leakages?give me a sample example.

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what do u mean by cookie, session-id?

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What is difference between Access(DBMS) and RDBMS like SQL Server or Oracle?. Why Access is not used in web based application?

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If you have an application to test and there are no requirement specs, no test cases , no documents, you dont know even the functionality then how would you perform testing?

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Hi Guy's Pls. go to Forum of for Testing Job Openings..You can find various job openings in Forum. You can submit ur resume too


Hi friends, my company has not having any certification related to qulaity say for example iso,cmmlevels,etc... but they want to get cmm-level-5, tell me what are the process to be taken to get cmm-level-5 certification.. pl answer if anyone know the process, thanks in advance.

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what is test log? tell the process?


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what is the gendral format for test case?

6 11058 | Section | module | Testcase ID|Testcase description|Test Input | Expected Result | Actual Result | Status for the above format give one example

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What is Test Server?

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Please Check out and Answer the Questions in Networking section. It's argent.


If 100 test cases given to you and asked you to categorize them into manual and automated test cases you are going to do..Any systematic process?


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What is Test Data Collection?


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What is Software Engineering? Please do explain in Brief.

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hi every body, I am new to testing? I completed MCA. I am trying jobs on Testing.Plz send me the real time questions on testing like WinRunner, QTP, TD and Manual Testing. Advance thanks for all (id is

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Mention what the difference between pilot and beta testing is?


What is the main benefit of designing tests early in the life cycle?


What is typically the most important reason to use risk to drive testing efforts?


What is v&v?


Explain debugging?


Explain beta testing?


A type of integration testing in which software elements, hardware elements, or both are combined all at once into a component or an overall system, rather than in stages.


What is qualification testing?


What is incremental analysis?


What is dependency testing?


How to track the requirement from bugzilla tools? As our project requirement are changing frequestly and all are tracked in bugzilla tool. How to manage all as all project having short term duration. Please reply back ASAP? Thanks in advanced?


What is quality system?


What are the experience-based testing techniques?


What is negative and positive testing?


Explain what the meaning of code walk through is?