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Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Do you support automated testing? Why?

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We have a testing assignment that is time-driven. Do you think automated tests are the best solution?


Are reusable test cases a big plus of automated testing and explain why.

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Hi friends please tell me regardinr to QTP descriptive programming. if any materials are there suggest me. or if you have please give me. thank u waiting for reply

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Hello, I am interested to make a career in software testing. I am searching for a recommended book in Automated Testing tools which covers winrunner, loadrunner, qtp and test director....Please advise recommended books which is a good text book for learning software testing.

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On what basis we select test cases to automate?

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What are the things that one should consider for selecting a project for test automation? For example, stability, etc.


can anybody tell me " which automation framework u r using?" some interviewer asked this quesion? pls give me answer

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Write test cases on ATM machine and On Pencil.


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Define behavioral testing

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explain add in manager and virtual object wizard in winrunner


Could anybody send me the document on how to re install QTP 9.0 after the evalution period (14 days). It will expire within 3 days. Thabks in advance.

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if we are using an Engine (tool)..with that how to capture data from excel sheets and how to do automation with this plz answer any body for this question.?

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define primary key & secondary key?

Everest, Mind Tree,

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diff b/w DBMS & RDBMS?

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Explain about basics of rational robot - ibm test automation tool?


Elaborate the scripting standard while executing testing


hi every one this is ashok pls any one give answer me pls question is while testing with selenium after giving id user name and password , the inbox will be open , how to handle this one


What are the advantages of manual testing and automated testing?


What is test automation or automation testing?


Kindly let me know how to setup JMeter for functionality testing of a Web application.. The apache help doc is good but i m little confused with it... :(


What is an automation testing framework?


What are the pre-requisites to start automation testing?


pls tell me any open source test case managment tool ? its urgent.also tell me any autmation testing tool also for functional testing?


What are the drawbacks of test automation?


i have one answer from you that today the test cases are not stored in the database(SQL server 2005). But in automation testing where does the test case store? plz tell me... i have more confusion


Please name a couple of standard web function found in the function generator?


On what basis you can map the success of automation testing?


Please explain what is a relative xpath?


What steps are needed in developing and running a software test?