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Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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define joins? when you will joins use?

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all clients are using at once if any problem raise?

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how many clients are using this application?

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you have any interaction with clients?

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what is best bug in your project?

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Hi, I want to learn DataBase Testing. So please some document or path so that i can get some material on DataBase Testing concepts (preferably SQL Server 2000). Thanks in advance, Guru


why we are moving to QTP instead of using winrunner? Does QTP support any other applications which Winrunner cannot support?

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What are the application does winrunner support? What are the applicaiotn does QTP support? Does winrunner, QTP can be used in Linux OS?

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Hi, here r some questions, which were asked in Ekaplus, plz process these questions. 1. How we connect with the version?

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2. How you will collect a module from the version?

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3. Generally what type of bugs we are finding in a project give some examples?

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4. How we implement Winrunner,in our project?

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5. What are the tests you are conducting through winrunner?

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6. Who will write the use case? 7. What is web based application?

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8. How we test web based application

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When will you automate a test?


In what condition we cannot use automation testing for agile method ?


Tell me what is the purpose of getoptions() method?


What is test automation or automation testing?


What is vendor tool and give examples?


Hi I need the following information about JMeter 1) How many(max) threads(users) can hit the website using Jmeter? 2) How long(in hours) can we run Jmeter for stress test? (Is there any “Memory full” issue if we run for long time?) 3)What typeof sampler to use for clicking on the link?


On Test Complete I recorded some keyword test. while I'm running the batch test, if one test case failed, then how test complete skip the failed test case and again continue to run the test case? please provide some way to resolve this issue.


Do you know how to check if a button is enabled on the page?


How to login into any site if it's showing any authentication pop-up for username and password?


What are the drawbacks of test automation?


in keyword driven frame work..where Driver Script is locate? is there any inbuilt script for driver script?who writes the driver script?how to call it any body can tell me with an login,inbox, logout).


Tell us how can you create html test report from your test script?


Please explain what is the difference between findelement () and findelements ()?


What are the steps to perform Load and Stress testing on a Website? What resources do I need to do this? Please advise. Thanks in advance.


why we cannot apply check points in compile modules?