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Linux AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the complete name of the default configuration file for LILO?

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What file should you examine to determine the defined runlevels for your system?

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What is LILO?


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How to send automated email to a set of people at fixed time ?

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what is difference between inetd and xinetd

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what restrict telnet for root itself but allow for other user


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how u use the iptable firewall to restrict ssh,telnet,ftp

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what is the difference between fork and thread ? and parent and child process in fork system call?


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what is the difference between semaphore, mutex & spinlock?????


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How to check all open ports on linux machine and block unsed ports????????

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how to install linux OS? pls send step by step

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How To Hide the FTP Version?


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There are 4 network Interfaces, how can we find which one is Primary.

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How to give 2 different gateway IP addresses for 2 different interfaces in same system ?


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When you install RedHat what is the kernel mode ? What is kernel compilation / upgrade ?


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What is the difference between ext3 and ext4?


This question is belong to linux support. "one of my customer told to me, my application is getting slow response". how to resolve the issue. what are the steps you will follow to resolve the issue.


what is the gate of ftp server in redhat linux?


i installed clustering packages.When i try to run it getting LUCI error...what is it..??


As a system admin i want to know some things what are the troubleshooting issues we are facing frequently and what are the tickets will be raised.


I want to configure production interface and manage interface, how to configure both interfaces in Linux. please post the answers


How to catagories tickets in RHEL, which tickets are belong to PROBLEM, INCIDENT and CHANGE management? please given to me with examples


1. User gaves df -h and the system get hanged. why ? 2. what is the hardlink and softlink mount ? 3. why is portmape should be started ? 4. what is nologin option 5. how to restrict users from accessing nfs ? 6. what is the difference between cpio and tar 7. what are the kernel parameters ? how to find out it ? 8. why we use sysctl.conf ? 9. if we gives init1 from multiuser runlevel, will it affect other users who already logged in to the system ? 10. what will be the available space to use after configuering raid5 with 5 disks each having 5gb spce ?


Why is it suggested to disable journalism in ext4 filesystem?


How to Trouble shoot performance issue in RHEL administration ? please give to one example


what is difference between  TFTP abd FTP?


What is Hard mount and soft Mount?


What are the differences between FTP , NFS , SAMBA servers explain separately.


why /etc/shadow file do not have any permission ?