SQL Server Interview Questions
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what are the joins,primary key,foriegn key, candidate key, super key and expain them?


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explain different types of jions with examples briefly?


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explain different types of jions with examples briefly?

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explain different types of jions with examples briefly?


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can we call functions from stored procedure in SQL Server 2005 ? How?

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What is the difference between two queries: 1. SELECT * FROM table WHERE 1=1; 2. SELECT * FROM table


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We create an index to fast the search. How it fast the query? Do we write any special keyword with query?

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SQL stops working in every 15 days displaying message that database log file is full. Log file size is 3.95 GB. It is happening after shrinking the database also. What is solution to overcome this problem. Please help me as it's urgent.

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Difference between Triggers and Stored Procedure

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Hi Can any one tell me the Good institute to learn SQL esp for Data Base Testing or SQL from scratch to the proficiency level in Hyederabad and facult also. Thankyou well in advance

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How to list all tables having unique constraints in any of the columns in a database.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cursor?

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Write a query to delete duplicate records in SQL SERVER


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we have emp table like Ename,EDOJ,EDOB with Column structure.but we want to know the employee Age.How? Any Body Plz

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in emptable i want to retrive the name of employee whose name in 'J'char.exp: arjun,jagadesh,niranjan,anju,aaaj etc.

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role of sql sever 2005 in database rather than any other database


If the job running very slow what is the action you do


In my application I have a process which picks the scanned files (tif format) from a shared location and it links to application and shown on it.The actuall issue is that my process picks the file before it is completly written or scanned which results in displaying few parts of the image or incomplete image.I need to check if the file is not completly scanned or written then do not link it to application.Please help if any body tell me that how can i check that file is in written phase or locked through DTS.thanking you in advance


what are the Prerequisites for Replication?


Which is the best place or learning center for MS SQL?????In Bangladesh?????


Any one plz send me SQL Server Developer/DBA resume for 4 years experience


System variable and temporary variables


Issues related in upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 / 2008


What are the new features introduced in SQL Server 2000? What changed between the previous version of SQL Server and the current version?


how to use DTS package in 2000,2005,2008 in sql server


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Give some Scenario for Non Clusterd index? Can we write system defined functions in side The Function? Wat is the Unique Datatype?


how many no of arguments can be passed in procedures and functions


If we delete pack Spec what will be the status of pack Body ?


how can you attach more than 20 ldf files in sql server