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SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is INTVAL( )and where we use Plz any body help me

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can you tell me some sites name for sql server 2000 commands with example??? plz reply soon.


What is the difference between a stored procedure and a user defined function in sql server?


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could u plz explain about joins and views?

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plz tell me the new features of sqlserver2000,sqlserver2002,sqlserver2005

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can anyone explain me the concept of Serialization in Detail and Clear? plz its urgent i have interview on friday (15th feb)

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what is the sql equivaent of the dataset relation object ?


How To delete duplicate record from a particular table?

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What is the difference between Drop and Truncate

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Anyone please explain me the concept of Serialization?

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What is transaction ? Give me one example.

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UPDATE statement can on a single table or on the multiple table?

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What is difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE statement


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can any one please send sql quries most used in applications.

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what is the out put of below queries? a. select * from Emp where null = null; b. select * from Emp where 1=1;


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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

What will be the value of @@fetch_status if a row that was a part of the cursor resultset has been deleted from the database after the time the stored procedure that opened the cursor was executed?


what are the different ways of moving data/databases between servers and databases in sql server? : Sql server database administration


How dts is used to extract, transform and consolidate data?


What is a filestream?


Explain the different types of joins?


Why SQL Agent is used?


Why do we need normalization?


How to choose all records from the table?


What is the difference between stored procedure and functions?


How to maintain a fill factor in existing indexes?


What are the rules to use the rowguidcol property to define a globally unique identifier column?


You have several tables, and they are joined together for querying. The tables contain both clustered indexes and non clustered indexes to optimize performance, how should you distribute the tables and their indexes onto different file groups?


What is the difference between ddl and dml?


What is bulkcopy in sql?


How many types of stored procedures are there in sql server?