OOPS Interview Questions
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How is the using() pattern useful? What is IDisposable? How does it support deterministic finalization?


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Contrast OOP and SOA. What are tenets of each?


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why c++ is called OOPS? waht is inherutance? what is compiler?

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What normal C constructs work differently in C++?

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Why and when is a virtual destructor needed?

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Why a "operator=(...)" when there is a copy ctor?

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what is object slicing?

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who is the founder of c++?

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//what is wrong with the programme?? #include template class dd { first i; public: void set(); void print(); }; void dd< first>:: set() { cin>>i; } void dd< first>::print() { cout<<"\n"<g; g.set(); g.print(); }

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what is an instance of a class

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What is a class?

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What is an object?


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What is the difference between an object and a class?

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What is the difference between class and structure?

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What is public, protected, private?


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given a set based questions and 5 questions based on it next data sufficiciency questions 2 and 2/3 english sentence completion with options very easy and 2 synononmys paragraph with 10 questions 10 minutes replace =,-,*,% with -,%,+,* type questions 5 3 questions lik following itssickhere itssickthere itssickhere istsickhere which is nt alike the others very easy


2. Give the different notations for the class.\


diff between Virtual mathod and abstract method?


write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor.


Write a c++ program to display pass and fail for three student using static member function


What is Difeerence between List obj=new ArrayList(); and ArrayList obj=new ArrayList()?


i=20;k=0; for(j=1;k-i;k+=j<10?4:3) { cout<


to find out the minimum of two integer number of two different classes using friend function


What is debug class?what is trace class? What differences are between them? With examples.


if i have same function with same number of argument but defined in different files. Now i am adding these two files in a third file and calling this function . which will get called and wht decide the precedence?


what type of questions


Where You Can Use Interface in your Project


Is this job good for future? can do this job post grduate student?


can inline function declare in private part of class?


how to find the correct email address format by using the programe?