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OOPS Interview Questions
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Which language is pure oop?


Question: Implement a base class Appointment and derived classes Onetime, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. An appointment has a description (for example, “see the dentist”) and a date and time. Write a virtual function occurs_on(int year, int month, int day) that checks whether the appointment occurs on that date. For example, for a monthly appointment, you must check whether the day of the month matches. Then fill a vector of Appointment* with a mixture of appointments. Have the user enter a date and print out all appointments that happen on that date.


Question: Write a program that prints a paycheck. Ask the program user for the name of the employee, the hourly rate, and the number of hours worked. If the number of hours exceeds 40, the employee is paid “time and a half”, that is, 150 percent of the hourly rate on the hours exceeding 40. Be sure to use stepwi se refine ment and break your solution into several functions. Use the int_name function to print the dollar amount of the check.


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What are the features of oop?


What is interface in oop?


why reinterpret cast is considered dangerous?


what are the ways in which a constructors can be called?


just right the logic of it 1--> If few people are electing then every time ur candidate should win 2--> arrange books in box, if box carry weight == books weight then take another box..... find the no of box required.


What is polymorphism what are the different types of polymorphism?


Templates mean


What is oop in simple words?


Can static class have constructor?


What is use of overloading?


given a set based questions and 5 questions based on it next data sufficiciency questions 2 and 2/3 english sentence completion with options very easy and 2 synononmys paragraph with 10 questions 10 minutes replace =,-,*,% with -,%,+,* type questions 5 3 questions lik following itssickhere itssickthere itssickhere istsickhere which is nt alike the others very easy


What is the advantage of oop over procedural language?


Why do we use oop?


Why is destructor used?


What is polymorphism what is it for and how is it used?