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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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plz send the model question paper for sbi clerical exam on my e-mail


Please send me question papers of stat bank of india clerical exams, my eamil is

State Bank Of India SBI,

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The Chairman of the Law Commission of India is

KPSC Karnataka Public Service Corporation,

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Hi,this is radhika.can anyone plz give the details about NIC entrance exam for the post of Scientific Engineer?


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please post me last 10 years sbi clerical exam question paper to my email

Ariel, College School Exams Tests, NetApp, State Bank Of India SBI,

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Please send me state bank of india officers exam model questions papers for the past five years.

Agricon, Bank Of India, State Bank Of India SBI,

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state bank of india clerk exam date i don't khow please tell me the date my email id .my email id is

Omkar, State Bank Of India SBI,

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What are init levels in UNIX



What are the differences between Windows and Unix



How CPU handles Interrupt Handling


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What prog directory contains in UNIX and where it resides



What is Transaction(RDBMS)


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What is TRAP ? What are Maskable and Non-maskable Interrupts?What is Masking?What is Vectored Interrupt? How it is processed?



To connect a computer in your home to Internet ? What are the networking components needed?What type of modems are needed for connection?

ISRO, Oil India,


What is the Importance of Relational DBMS? Why it is more preferred than Network and Hierarchical Models?



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HOW TO CALCULATE PF on basic salary above 16000


tell us about yourself why do you leave ur job. what changes can you bring to the organisation what is your salary expectation


Hi, I'm preparing for RBI Grade B officer's exam which is going to be held on feb'11. so i need previous year model papers.If anybody have those papers, send it to my email id @


sir i require eligibility criteria for obtaining certificate of competency as Electrical Supervisor,work of electrical supervisor and at where


i want to prepare for the post of branch manager?but i dont know wht is asked in its exam?so if any one know kindly post a reply... how to prepare for the post of branch manager.what are the areas should i focus on.what will be the selection produre and what will be the salary? i have currentl done my with Information technology branch ...


when will be the interview result declared of BHEL supervisor trainee HR?


i am preparing for bank of baroda. plz suggest me hw to start prepartion.which books to refer. which topics to e mailid is


i also attended clerk interview on 28th and 31st aug,2012.. respectively for iob and indian bank.. may i know the how long it ll take to publish the result


I have completed BE, EEE.If they ask "How you use your knowledge gained in your BE profession in Banking?" Please any suggestion.


I got selection as Postal Assistant in Kerala circle.I want some clarification regarding Salary.What is meant by Incriment & hw it calculates. Also i wish to pursue my Post Garduation.Is there any chance to get Study laeve or long leave...i need just two years...... Hope reply


what should i prepare for an airport authority of India's interview for Manager Finance post? I have interview in next week. so, Please help me out.


I got selected in Department of Posts,India as sorting assistant in RMS. I am MA rank holder and got research grant from state govt funding agency . will i get a loss of pay long leave from department of posts or do i have to resign? thanks sabu


If any one know the starting data of sbi clerical interview of nov 2009?


hi.i m now in m-tech 1st yr.i want to prepare for it a wise decision?well give me some useful tips for preparing well as tell me how to prepare for this?


is there is any canteen facility for department of post employees .. and what is the grade pay?