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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the differences between char and varchar in Oracle/SQL





How can we prepared skill manner in interview


i am appearing for sbi clerk exam. I want all the collection of previous years question papers for Sbi clerical cladre exam..plz help me in my preparation by sending all the previous question papers of sbi to my mail id in soon.

Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Vyapam,


plese send me sbi clerk material or previous year question papers on my email id: please be soon my exam will on 06/07/08

PNG Power, State Bank Of India SBI,

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HI.. I urgently need questions for sbi bank exam..kindly send them to thanks in advance

State Bank Of India SBI,


why 4 core cables is used in place of 3.5 core cables for UPS system



pls can u send me sample papers of SBI clerk exams

Dinesh, Reliance, State Bank Of India SBI,

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Who is PM In india ?

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how culd i go to attend exam there is curfew in my city

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what the banks are earning through SLR from RBI? Is CRR AND SLR are just to keep cash with RBI.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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i'm going to attend interview for IOCL can i have some tech questions with that it`s ease for me.... please send it to my mail id


Which is a black soil state

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sent me a model question paper of assistants in lic



i have been selected for the final interview for clerical cadre in sbi would like to have some Question for invterview


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hi every one this is shivaji , i have written apgvb clerk exm on 17.4.11 let me clear one doubt i forgot to write the form number on OMR sheet .is there any problem with that.please tel me if anyone know about this just farward to my mail id ( .weighting for your reply


has the result for postal assistant of 2010 in west bengal been declared?


What’s the role of Lieutenant & Captain in Army?


Hi my name is srinivas.I am preparing for the post of Junior Assistant in APNPDCL. Please suggest books for Junior assistant post in APNPDCL which is going to be announced shortly... Thanks in advance...


Thank God, I recievd my IOB PO Interview Call Letter Today Center at Patna Regional Office on 18th. Is there any one from Patna can help me How can i prepare or take Cochin for Interview in Patna. Pls help me immediate.


Dear Sir/Madam, I have passed lic ado written exam and my interview on 29th sep. I belong to OBC and I dont have current non creamy- layer certificate but I applied and will get within a month as per the new policies of State Govt, i have caste certificate and non creamy layer certificate of 2002. Can I eligible for the selection, plz reply me on or call me 09158153313.


what your view about-respect of elders ??


how to aply for drug inspectors exam 2010?


when is open first parrilimentary of india


What is the gross salary of newly appointed po in sbi bank ?


i want to know about the bank exam details with the eligibility of 12th standard


i am deee fresher. how can get a c license quickly


i have apply for RBI grade B officer exam.i am confused about the exam preparation.please guide me about any book for email id


Hai, Im Rama Krishna,Im going to attend Airport Authority of India jr.executive(electronics) interview .If anybody know any thing about this please share ur views pls.........


what questions will be asked in dharmaday ayukta exams for public relations officer