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RPG400 Interview Questions
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how can i retrieve the field name from display file at run time? Devendra Singh Tomar

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in a cl pgm records are copied to a file in qtemp a pgm is called to delete records from the file in qtemp no of records in file in library qtemp is checked wat shud be the count of records let say it was 10 initially endpgm

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if there is pf in two libraries and there is a logical file based on the PF, how to find the pf on which the pf is based.


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if there is a module object , how to find the program object for this module object.Assume the module object name and program object name is not same.


I want to declare the number of elements of an array dynamically in RPGLE ? Is it possible? If yes, then how do I do it ?

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Can a run time array be declare like below with no specified number of elements ? Is it possible ? DFLD_ARRAY 7 DIM() INZ(*blanks) What does this mean ? Does this mean that the number of array elements will be dynamically declared during run time ?


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As400 Command to find the Name of the Program to which a Particular Module is Bound..? Ex: IC210AMR (*MODULE) is bound with Other Modules which Forms Program Object as IC210ABP(*PGM) . As400 Command to find the IC210ABP Using IC210AMR..? Thanks


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am 2010 passed out . can any one tell me which course is good to put 2+fake .guide me

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how to run only 10 modules of existing N modules in service program in RPGILE ?


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There is a excel sheet having details of Old account number and new account number. I need to update these details in my AS400 files. i.e. all the records having old account number should be replaced with new account number. There can be 100 or 200 or 300 fix files known. how can we do this?Solution should be performance oriented

Cap Gemini, IBM,

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What is I90(Insure 90)?

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please guys help me,I need to write a program that shows more than one way to display a subfile. Both views are of the same file but sorted differently and show different fields of the same file when the user presses a function key. send me code


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can anybody explain significance of *loval setll with example code????


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how can we can we the data decimal error?how can we open such file in support


i want to perform uniqness on db file bt my db file nt hving key by useing rpgle.


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How to define data area in RPG program? In which scenario multi occurrence DS is use in AS400?


how do I do concatenation in rpg iv, like I do in cl?


what is flat file?


how do you use commitment control in rpg?


A rpg or clp command to find if the file field is defined as a character or numeric field.


what is data area and how it is used in rpg program ?


what happens when sflsiz = sflpag? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


How to call one program from another program in RPG? please help me with the code


Program to read marks of 10 students for 4 subjects and compute and display total marks and status of each student in rpg


When it is desirable to describe files Internally?


How to declare the pull button in AS/400..


check existence of one record without using chain or read?


are there any useful c runtime apis that I can call from rpg iv?


what is file information data structure?


which program rpg or cl is efficent to update a transaction onto a database file and why ?