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VSAM Interview Questions
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what is the concept of AIX in vsam ????


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max how many AIX coded in a vsam dataset??

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FREESPACE can be specified for which type of cluster? a.LDS b.RRDS c.ESDS d.KSDS

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what is the concept of IMPORT in vsam??

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in what type of vsam datasets can an alternate index be defined??

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I have three fields in a Variable VSAM file X(2) Y(10) occurs X times Z(02) Say for the first record X=2 then the length of the file is 2+(10*3)+2=34 second record, x=4 then 4+(10*4)+2=46 If any time if the field x is updated then the total length changes. Is it feasible? Is it

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What is the difference between shroptions(2 3) and shroptions (4 3) in the Def CLUSTER ??

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can we access sequential files online

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What is the use of KSDS,LDS,ESDS,RRDS??what is VRRDS?? How are all these useful in realtime scenario??Plz helpme out...Its a recent question in IGATE..



print ids(/)char??what is the full form of ids??

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in vsam at the creation of cluster what is the use of RECSZ parameter?


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In vsam at the cluster creation for KSDS FREESPACE parameter is required but for ESDS FREESPACE parameter is not required ?


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What is Base Cluster ?

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Common VSAM Error conditions and codes

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Is CA(Control Area) is part of CI(Control Interval)

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how many buffers are allocated to vsam ksds and esds?


What is a lds (linear data set) and what is it used for?


what is a base cluster in vsam?


What does the keyranges parameter in define cluster command do?


what is the purpose of the verify function of idcams?


why ci and ca splits are not possible in esds and rrds?


OPEN INPUT StudentFile READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStudentFile TO TRUE END-READ PERFORM UNTIL EndOfStudentFile DISPLAY StudentId SPACE StudentName SPACE CourseCode SPACE YOBirth READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStudentFile TO TRUE END-READ END-PERFORM CLOSE StudentFile STOP RUN what will be output


Explain about the file objects in vsam?


What are the distinctive features of a ksda, key sequenced dataset?


Under idcams, multiple functions can be executed, each of which returns a condition code. What will be the condition code returned to the operating system?


explain how many ways you can load data in a vsam cluster?


In a KSDS file, key is missing for one record. How to insert the key for that particular record from back up file. Is there any sorting needed for the back up file before the key insertion?


name a few common vsam status codes?


how do you define an altindx ? How do you use altindxs in batch, cics programs?


what parameter in the define aix option is used to determine the maximum number of duplicate keys allowable ?