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write a vb-script code to delete all the mails in my gmail in the year 2011

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hi i am trying for testing job for 3+ experience(fake) can u suggest me what type of projects i can keep in my resume and how much of knoeledge i should have abt that project.thnks in advance.urgt plz


Input = 124 output should be 124421 Please do not use any string functions/variables

Cap Gemini,

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Like OPTION EXPLICIT statement what are the other statements used in vbscript and their usage. Please post me all the statements please.



Join the multiple array with out using JOIN function

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Find Out Length of an array without using Ubound?

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Can u describe what kind of testing are for OTC derivates by banks.



write a vbscript for traffic signal

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write a vbscrpit to swap values


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I wrote the vbscript code on notepad i was geeting run time error "object required line 1" my code is set usernameobj=Descriptive.Create() usernameobj( "name").value="Username" set passwordobj=Descriptive.Create() passwordobj("name").value="password" set signinobj=Descriptive.Create() signin("name").value="sigin" browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebEdit("usernameobj").set ("enter username") Browser("gmail").Page("gmail").WebEdit("passwordobj").Setsec ure.Crypt.Encrypt("entr password") browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebButton("siginobj").click pls tell me whats wrong

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i wrote vbscripit code in notepad i got error i am in learning stage if u ps tell me what wrong in my code my error is "object required descriptive at line one run time error"and my code is "set usernameobj=Descriptive.Create() usernameobj( "name").value="Username" set passwordobj=Descriptive.Create() passwordobj("name").value="password" set signinobj=Descriptive.Create() signinobj("name").value="sigin" browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebEdit("usernameobj").set ("enter username") Browser("gmail").Page("gmail").WebEdit("passwordobj").Set secure.Crypt.Encrypt("enter password") browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebButton("siginobj").click


how to write vb script code for login gmail page by using notepad and how to run script in notepad

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hi Set myobj=Description.Create() myobj("type").value="submit" myobj("name").value="google search" myobj("html tag").value="button" browser("title:=google").page("title:=google").webButton (myobj).Click i was running above code in one weak back it was working fine i got result,again i opened after few days ,again i was trying to run the code it shows run time error in last line of my code ,why ?pls answer my question?


Set srchobj=Description.Create() srchobj("type").value="text" srchobj("name").value="q" srchobj("html tag").value="input" browser("micclass:=google").Page("micclass:=google").webedit (srchobj).Set "qtp" what's wrong in my code pls tell me ? the above code working fine and i got my result pass,now i am trying to run the program it shows general run time error why?pls help me i am in learning stage ?


Write a function for Instr(). We need to write a function that works as same as Instr(). Code or Even pseudo code is good enough for me.?



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Please let me Know regarding any material regarding VB Scripting which should be easily understandable for Beginners.


Plzzzzzzz can any one tell me which is the best institute in hyderabad for learing VBScript. plz do answer guys its urgent plzzzzzzz. thanks in advance.


How to scroll down a page while recording in qtp. suggest me any method apart from low level recording.


what is used of Property........End Property loop ? how to write the script for it?


Hi this is Vinoth. I need a help on below mentioned question A combobox contains list of items assume as 5 I have to get each items Individually and I have to Export to datatable. Please help me on this. Thanks


write a program to display configuration of a local system with the help of vb script.


There are 5 web pages.write a script to click the button on 4th web page.


i have a problem with this error(this error related edit and delete button,when i click this button in datagrid..i will get this error)"Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation." this is my code : <%@ Page Language="VB" Debug="false" %> <%@ import Namespace="Sytem.Data" %> <%@ import Namespace="System.Data.OleDB" %>

(Search Based On Staff I.C No) IC.No (XXXXXX-XX-XXXX)   ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> ' runat="server"> Total Leave Taken : Days


I have an excel sheet with multiple ID's in a column. Now i need fetch those ID's in an application and check whether if it already exist in the DB. If not then i have to go with the process of inserting them in the DB. If it exists then i need to skip that ID and move to the next ID and check the same and proceed. How can i do that with for loop and if condition?


How should i Create Email invite with server-side Coding?


what is the standards used for writing the script in QTP


HOw we can apply web service checkpoint in QTP 9.5? I tried it out with net connection also. But not getting success.


when we use filter funtiom invb script(QTP)


how to set one column as primary key in QTP and fetch values accordingly


who will create the object?