VB Script Interview Questions
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write a vb script to open a text file and write into it

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write a vb script create 5 folders test1 test2 test3 test4 test5

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how to delete folder test3,test4 and test5 using vbscript?

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how to add the shared repository file to the script file while running the script manuall

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Write a Fucntion to close all Opened browser expect desired one?

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How to make sure that items in a wintree are sorted al?

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How to find a latest file from any folder

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How to Pass Multiple values in functions by using vb script? Function value(arg1,arg2) N1=arg1+arg2 N2=arg1-agr2 N3=arg1*agr2 N4=arg1/arg2 Value= How to pass ? End Function


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sunday is sunday monday tuesday wendesday sunday thursday friday saturday sunday sunday how to count no of sunday in the text file from vb? Answer me asap

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* ** *** Please write a code to get output like above diagram? ple explain as it how the code works?

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what is the difference between modular and data and keyword driven framework


who will create the object?



how many types of recording are there?

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what is extension of the file if its saved from recovery manger to some drive

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what is test scenario?

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1) How can we use VB script in testing the application? 2) What all are the things(Software application to be installed in PC) we need to learn VBscript?


What is the difference between VBScript and JavaScript?


How to replace junk code recorded by QTP with a mall function.


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hi Set myobj=Description.Create() myobj("type").value="submit" myobj("name").value="google search" myobj("html tag").value="button" browser("title:=google").page("title:=google").webButton (myobj).Click i was running above code in one weak back it was working fine i got result,again i opened after few days ,again i was trying to run the code it shows run time error in last line of my code ,why ?pls answer my question?


what is resorceallocation


How to use QTP Object in .vbs(vbscript file) file Ex: Browser().., wait(), exist() and etc...


Hi anyone Can Send Solution to the Question wt m posting now Prepare Script for the Bellow Scenario? Login to Gmail Page Open Inbox check Mails save them in a Folder


write a function to read the items from combobox of Flight reservation & save in excel (QTP)??


PLz send me the VB scripts which is having more examples my email id : hareen_11@yahoo.com


create a form to accept username and password validate the username and password with using message box, display the corresponding user message


filter the array values without using filter function?


How to take whole text output from screen of Bitmap Application.


Can someone please tell me what poor design in a relational database (not the layout or style) is and how it can be avoided? PLEASE...im desperate.


Set srchobj=Description.Create() srchobj("type").value="text" srchobj("name").value="q" srchobj("html tag").value="input" browser("micclass:=google").Page("micclass:=google").webedit (srchobj).Set "qtp" what's wrong in my code pls tell me ? the above code working fine and i got my result pass,now i am trying to run the program it shows general run time error why?pls help me i am in learning stage ?