VB Script Interview Questions
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write a vb script to generate fibonnaci numbers

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write a vb script to generate the following pattern ***** **** *** ** *

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write a vb script to generate hello 5 times using do until loop

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write a vb script to display 3*3 matrix

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write a vb script to display the size of the folder,date created and name of the folder

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write a vb script to display the number is odd or even and whether it is divisible by 9 or not

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write a vb script to rename a folder from tree4 to tree7

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accept an email id & validate it .email id should not exceed 25 characters the mail id should contain 3 characters excluding domain name,@ and .(dot) the last 3 characters of the domain should be net,com or org

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write a vb script to display first 5 odd numbers from 1 to 100

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accept a string & display whether a is present or not

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write a vb script to find simple interest using functions

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write a vb script to find the size of d drive?

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write a vb script to display the reverse of vbs

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write a vb script to display calculator using case statement?

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write a vb script to display ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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wht must be the interview question on corinthian information technology solutions incorporated.


Hi anyone Can Send Solution to the Question wt m posting now Prepare Script for the Bellow Scenario? Login to Gmail Page Open Inbox check Mails save them in a Folder


does anyone have qtp11.0 license key.Please sendit to my mail id-rrvv2011@gmail.com...Thanks


filter the array values without using filter function?


after medical test,when will be the police verification


Hi, Can anyone please send me vb script examples to practice vb and also material to learn vb scripting in QTP? my email id : hareen_11@yahoo.com


what is the differance between BYVAL,BYREF?


How to take whole text output from screen of Bitmap Application.


Hi Friends my Question is very simple,in Manual testing when we click on a hyper link it directs us to the relavent page or it re-directs us to the current page,so there we can easily write testcase but same thing if we do in automation script using QTP & need to generate report using Reporter.report event how we will do it?thanks in advance...


How should i Create Email invite with server-side Coding?


How to find the font in qtp. Scenario:After entering the username and passwd you will be navigate into the "welcome:Username" page.Now I want to extarct font for this message.


what is the difference between modular and data and keyword driven framework


what do you mean .ota mobile format


hi all, i had a question, that how to find out hiding a coloumn in a table i had a table having the following column names NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER if i right clicked on a NAME column it will displays a menu having the same column names in a list like NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER with check boxes.if i unched any check box, that column name should not be appear in the main table column names could anyone please solve this problem?


In the Web page we have a table link, if we click on that link all the contents under that link will be sorted (asscending/Descending). Now i want to check in which order the list is ? for that i need to get the data in to some var How can i get that cells data?