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There is a web Table where You will find Two Columns First Column consist of Check box and Second column consist of Test cases ID(Viz T1,T2,T3....Etc); If You select any Test case ID, respective Check boxes to be checked write a VBSCRIPT for this scenario?


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To get data from table which method will be used in QTP

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Inorder to avoid Message box while writing script which alternative method can be used?

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1. How do declare public variable in vb scripts?


How do display output message without using msgbox function?

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Can someone please tell me what poor design in a relational database (not the layout or style) is and how it can be avoided? PLEASE...im desperate.


what is the code in QTP to take screen shot? Please send me any one to my mail id. my mailid is manu.sanepalli@gmail.com


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write a vb script to display the code "vbscripting" alphabet by alphabet(i e 1st v then b and up to g)

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write a vb script code to display the vbscript word by word (i e 1st it should display v then b and up to t )

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write a vb script to create a folder?

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write a vb script to generate 3*3 matrix

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write a vb script to display apple that is 1st a should be displayed then ap then app then appl then apple

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write a vb script to calculate factorial of a number?

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write a vb script to display factorial of a number using function

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write a vb script to add two 2*2 matrix

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Like OPTION EXPLICIT statement what are the other statements used in vbscript and their usage. Please post me all the statements please.


what is inner join? what is outer join? what is a constraint? tell me about rdbms? tell me about acid properties?


Hi All, I am facing one problem in QTP. There is link object in my application that exist in the Frame in mozilla firefox. Click event on that object is not working but once the frame is enabled/activated then click event works fine.But the frame does not have the activate property. This problem is coming in firefox only. Regards


How to write a VBscript for web page performance test i need a code send if any knows the code If any knows VBScript book plz send to me the link to my mail plz


how to automatically update the sql server2005 database records when insert in vb6?


Write a function for Instr(). We need to write a function that works as same as Instr(). Code or Even pseudo code is good enough for me.?


how to write a vb script in QTP for yahoo registration form, i want to check the performance also like performance test, stress, load test like that.


Illustrate briefly about the different types of statement


does anyone have qtp11.0 license key.Please sendit to my mail id-rrvv2011@gmail.com...Thanks


create a form to accept username and password validate the username and password with using message box, display the corresponding user message


How to Import data from a file (file is on the desktop) to the data table


How to add actions in driver script to run those actions in QTP?


what is the difference between modular and data and keyword driven framework


i need to sort the data using qtp script for this how i need to write a qtp script


how to answer "TELL ME ABOUT UR SELF" as exp.person. whr to start and whr to stop. can anyone tel me